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The Internet addict’s guide to: dealing with stress

Stress is one of those things, where a little is healthy. But too much is powerful and overwhelming. Stress can often completely take over a person’s life, and small everyday things can suddenly become the hardest things to do in the world. Now I have always been a stressy person, I am a perfectionist when I work, so if something is not absolutely spot on I can become very stressed and anxious. But over time, I have realised many ways that allow me to prevent stress, or simply relax for a little while. So here is a guide to dealing with stress, from an Internet addict.

Organize | One of the biggest things I find that helps me when I am stressed is organization. There is nothing better for me than cleaning my room, making everything look pretty, lighting a candle and taking a deep breath. I think if your environment surrounding you is clean and organized, it allows you to clear your head of stressful thoughts, and think much more clearly. Honestly, an environment that you are comfortable and relaxed in can make such a drastic difference to your mindset.

Stop thinking about what could go wrong| Now, this is a huge habit of mine. Being a particularly anxious person, every situation I am faced with immediately brings up question. And the first question I ask myself is what could go wrong. And I focus on everything that could go wrong in the situation. And it creates such a negative mindset, which influences even more stress. So focus on the positive outcomes of your situation, think about what could go right, and it will. Your mind is a very powerful thing.

Find things that relax you | This is an important one. Finding something that relaxes you is so so beneficial for relieving stress, whether it be an app, a lucky item, a lucky number, a certain song or a certain scent. Whatever it is, go to it. And let it relax you. Personally for me, when I am stressed I like to light a candle ( my candle obsession is ridiculous) and listen o my music for a while. When you do this, you will instantly feel much more relaxed and positive.

prepare | There is nothing worse than having that sudden stress, when you realise you have forgotten to do something. Or you have not prepared for an exam. So you have to prepare. If you have an exam, revise, and make sure you have everything you need for that exam. If you prepare for something early, you will not have to face that rush of panic, and that feeling of being unorganized. Preparation will always get you the best results.

talk to somebody | One of the biggest bits of advice I can give you is to talk to somebody. Somebody that you trust and feel comfortable with, somebody that you know will help you. It can be a friend, family or a teacher. It all comes down to who you feel comftorable talking with. Stress and anxiety are such overwhelming feelings, and they can become extremely damaging if you do not talk about it. Trust me, a little chat wiht your best friend and the feeling of support you get after it can make all the difference to your mood.

walk, walk and walk again | I love to walk, headphones in. Just walking. Just me, and nature. I find it so fascinating how much a walk can change my mood. Just going outside and getting a breath of fresh air is so relaxing and very therapeutic. I feel like walking allows you to completely clear your mind, and sometimes being away from actual people ( me everyday) is the best thing for you.

Take a moment just for yourself | Sometimes, we just have to stop. We just have to drop everything, stop working and take a second to reevaluate our situation. Nobody is perfect, and everybody has to stop at times. whether you like to take a night to yourself and have a pamper evening, or watch a box set. Have a relaxing night, to yourself. Where you are solely focused on improving your mindset and relieving your stress. Often we have to stop for a moment to realise that we often let stress consume us, and take away our happiness. And your happiness is one of the most important things, so make sure you do everything to achieve that happiness, even if it means taking the night off.

Thank you so much for reading, feel free to comment your tips on relieving stress below.

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Love, Misstery


25 thoughts on “The Internet addict’s guide to: dealing with stress

  1. Am an overthinker and this always end up in me thinking what will go wrong, i just cant help it. At some point relax and get over it other things I end up never really doing them

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  2. Walking helps me a lot too. I go on a walk with my dog once or twice a day, and turn up my music as loud as I can. Nothing is better to relax. The best thing is when I am alone and can even sing along

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