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Spring picks:Barry M super natural eyeshadow pallete

If you have been reading my blog a while, you will know that eyeshadow by far is one of my favorite parts of makeup to do. I love to experiment with different shades, brushes and brands. By far, my favorite eyeshadow shades to use, are either burgundy or lovely bronze colours, which are just so beautiful and lovely to use. But as we all know, it is now Spring, and my bronze eyeshadow shades have had to been pushed back a little ( sobs) for the more summery months. This Spring I have refallen in love with a Barry M palette that I actually used throughout the Winter too. So I thought I would give you lovely people a good old review on the Barry M super natural eyeshadow palette.


packaging | One of my favorite things about this palette is its packaging. It is just so so beautiful, and so practical too. The lettering is in rose gold, which instantly caught my eye. And the pattern on the pallete is so so gorgeous and definitely very Spring themed. The packaging is very sturdy and easy to open. The inside also has a lovely, large mirror. Which is so useful for when you are travelling, or if you are on the go. The packaging is also fairly small in size, unlike some palettes, and comes with a total of 8 versatile shades.

Price | Around £ 6.49 from Superdrug. Please note that this palette is special edition so it may not be in your local drugstore for this price.


product | The shades in this palette, are all so so amazing. You are given a variety of base shades, some pink shades, and some lovely bronze shades, which I used so much in the Autumn and Winter. Right now I am using the first 5 shades starting at the left, as they are all such lovely pink, rose gold shades for Spring. Unfortunately the shades do not have names, so if you are somebody like me who likes to act like you are in a makeup tutorial whilst doing your eyeshadow, I am saving you the disappointment I felt. My favorite shade right now has to be the fourth pink shade from the left. This shade is so so gorgeous on the eyes, and is such a lovely, natural looking shimmery pink. All the shades in this palette are well pigmented, and have good lasting power. When applying there is a small amount of fallout, but this can easily be fixed. Overall I think this palette has an amazing variety of shades, they all complement each other really nicely, and you can create many beautiful eye looks with this pallete. And if you are like me, and you don’t want to leave your bronze shades just yet, the other darker shades will be lovely for you.

Thank you so much for reading.

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Love, Misstery

10 thoughts on “Spring picks:Barry M super natural eyeshadow pallete

  1. The palette actually looks really nice, the colours aren’t too bright or much and they look like quite nude colours (my favourite!) I always enjoy your posts 😝👌🏻

    Liked by 1 person

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