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Appreciating time

We base our lives around time. Around the watch sitting on our writs, and the tick tick tick of two clock hands. We plan everything based on when we will get there, how long it will take to get ready, and when we will get home. We make judgements upon people by looking at how late they are. We rush to business meetings and nonchalantly let the world past us in a blur. We place such a heavy importance on time, yet we forget to appreciate that we have it.

We have those 20 minutes to get ready, we have the 2pm we will get there and the I’ll be back at 8. We have that. Yet we fail to see how quickly it can just end. We get so absorbed in other things that we twist the meaning of time to be something that we always have to rush towards. We shouldn’t. We should appreciate our time, because it is moving quickly. We should make the most out of our time. Because we can’t guarantee we will have our 20 minutes to get ready, and our I’ll be back at 8. Because it can end,instantly.

If I had looked at myself right now, this time last year. I would be amazed. Because so much has changed, I have done so many things, become so many things. But sometimes, I think I forget to appreciate it all happening around me. I am so out of it, I am so focused on something all of the time. That I don’t pay attention to my seconds. I don’t think about them. And if you look at the rest of the world, it is the same. They are just there. They are just a steady ticking on our wrists. And they are going so quickly, it is scary.

We can learn a lot in a second, let alone a minute, or an hour. This world is such a beautiful thing, it is a place full of adventure and beauty that is waiting to be discovered. So don’t waste any time, because you never know when it my end. Surround yourself with positivity, stop focusing on things that stress you and start focusing on things that make you happy. Because this is your life, don’t forget to live it.

We take our time for granted, we take a lot for granted. We are living, breathing, our heart is beating. We have millions of opportunities at our fingertips that we can reach out and grab. We have the ability to do so many things, to be so many things. And as much as we are all limited in ways, we are also all free in different ways. We are free to experience so many things, feel so many things and to go to so many places. And we need to appreciate that. No matter how much we are limited, we need to appreciate the things that we are free to do. We need to appreciate that we are living.

I think we get to absorbed in a version of living that is fueled by stress. We get so focused on our normal lives, that we start to not see the abnormal. We start to not want to reach for the extraordinary. It’s like we write a checklist in our heads, based on our society. We have to do everything a certain way, so we spend our precious little seconds by ticking off boxes on a checklist written by other people’s expectations and being stuck in our own little bubble of normal. Craving for change, but never making it. Complaining, but never solving the issue. And we stay there, we waste it.

They say, that time flies quick when you’re having fun. But time flies quick when you’re doing anything. So right now, I want to appreciate time. And so should the world.

Thank you so much for reading my mess of thoughts, that I will probably disagree with and cringe at later. I hope you enjoyed!

I also hope you are having an amazing summer, and hope you have some lovely summer plans.

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Love, Misstery


15 thoughts on “Appreciating time

  1. Wow this hit me hard. I normally don’t like thinking about big things such as time and the inevitability of death, mainly because after I think about them I fall into an existential crisis. But this has made me realise how stupid it is to ignore them, and pretended they don’t matter is foolish because one day I won’t have the time to ignore those thoughts, and that’s scary

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