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I saw flowers, upon clouds of bubblegum

I see flowers.

Whilst I am descending.

Not the polite descending,

Where you are being gently lowered to the ground, upon clouds of bubblegum.

I am descending.

Into my own cried up storm.

Into velvety pain that has already been worn.

But this pain was worth hundreds of dollars. It is your highest designer,

And everyone wants to buy her.

If I could have given you a warning, maybe you wouldn’t have come so close.

Maybe you wouldn’t cut the chains on my heart and wrists so loose.

And look at the scars that pepper them, its decoration I say. Just a polite method to wish the secrets away.

I am descending.

Into dark and deep waters.

Into lullabies that lie.

As you tell me again just to try,



I am trying. I scream.

I am trying. So hard.

To heal a monstrous heart. Full of tears that gleam.

That spits venom at love, lets blood stain her once innocent eyes.

And smashes the blackest of skies.

I am descending.


And there is a label at the bottom.


Through white tinged, grainy plastic.

I can see it.

Take two for your age, to relive the pain.

Do not take again,

for a few hours.

And now,

I see flowers.

As I toss back more and more, because this invisible devil is hard to ignore.

There is a knock at my door, but it’s Ok. Because I’m dancing with people who feel same.

In the rain.

And it won’t happen again.

For a few hours.

I see flowers.

Because I added upย  just a few of the hours.

I saw flowers.

ย But there is one things they never put on the label.

Its that, flowers you may see can make you numb.

But you will not descend into pills, upon clouds of bubblegum.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

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Love, Misstery


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