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April favourites 2016

So April has been a busy month for trying new things. I have always loved to try new brands and new products, and I love when these products I buy and try become some of my favorite things ever. And I find myself frantically raving and recommending them to everybody. But this month, I did not just want to limit myself to makeup. Because I don’t JUST love makeup. I love all sorts of things, and I think letting somebody see what you love, and are passionate about, is just a certain source of nice. I always love reading and writing favorites, seeing people’s go to things that they love, makes me want to buy them all. Which good or bad, is debatable. So here are my April favorites 2016.


Palmer’s daily calming facial lotion| Skincare, for me. Has been a little bit of a mess recently. I seem to be juggling between random products and hoping for the best. Which I do not like, I love to have a strict routine. But this face lotion, has been one that has really stood out to me throughout my mess of skin care. I rediscovered this sample size whilst cleaning out a makeup bag, and I really love it. I haven’t been using it long enough to do a full review, but the consistency is lovely. And the description of the product sounds like it would just suit my skin perfectly.


Zoella wonder hand hand cream| A moment of proud ness for team internet because Zoella’s beauty range is definitely amazing. I have always stuck to normal hand creams, and not cared too much for them. But the packaging for wonder hand is so so lovely, and the scent is amazing. I put it on every night, and it has become an absolute must in my night-time routine.


Soap and Glory smoothie star body buttercream| I am a huge lover of soap and glory, but often I do find their scents a little hit and miss. Not this time, the smoothie star scent has become my new obsession, and I am going to have to get the rest of the smotthie star range, because it is just so lovely. This body butter has by far been my favorite body lotion for a while, and will be for a long time.


Rimmel oh my gloss lip gloss, purr glossy cat| I am not a huge fan of lip gloss or any problematic/ uncomfortable makeup for that matter. But throughout April I have been really loving the rimmel oh my gloss lip gloss. The consistency, is sticky. But as is mostly every lip gloss. It feels very smooth on the lips, unlike other lip glosses. I also really love the packaging and the shade. The formula also contains argan oil, which is very good for taking care of your lips.


Zoella soak opera bath soak| Another Zoella product I love. Once again the scent is gorgeous, just like the hand cream and the original body lotion. I love this bath soak for pamper nights, you get loads for the price, and it also doubles as a shower gel in case  of emergencies. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a 2 in 1 product.


‘Calm’ book| My next favorite is a book. I love to read, and I also worry. I am a very anxious person, who gets stressed out easily and is extremely antisocial (yayy). So when I got this book from a friend, I instantly fell in love. This book contains helpful tips and tricks for calming yourself down, and feeling more positive within yourself, your life, and you mindset. It teaches you how to appreciate life, and puts it all the fear in perspective to the rest of the world. Which is so important.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you are having a great day.

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Also thank you so so so much for 300 followers, the fact that 300 people even like me is a little scary, your support is honestly so incredible and has really helped me feel more positive and want to chase my dreams. I love every single one of you, and you all deserve a world of happiness.

Love, Misstery


16 thoughts on “April favourites 2016

    • Yes you should! Some of the things are a bit odd, but I think it will really help your general mindset. I am so sorry you have to deal with panic attacks, it really is horrible.Thank you so much for reading ❤


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