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The addiction of ‘perfection’

Perfection. Noun. The state or quality of something being perfect. The action of improving something until it is faultless. The ideal, the ultimate, the dream. Perfection. The dictionary’s perfection. Perfection. The highest degree of quality, glowly skin, thin figure, flawless, no scars, no tears, no bad skin, no bad days, muscled, thick hair, tall, lean. Perfection. Society’s perfection. Perfection, an addicting thing. But something, to me, that can not be defined. Everybody has their own ideal ‘ perfection’. Everybody has these things they want to be, these things that they have to be. In order to be perfect. The skinny girl wants curves, in order to be perfect. The curvy girl wants none, in order to be perfect. The blonde boy wants brunette, in order to be perfect. The brunette boy wants blonde, in order to be perfect. The sad girl wants happy, in order to be perfect. The shy girl wants confidence, in order to be perfect. The confident one wants silence, in order to be perfect. And I want lots, but I will never be, Society’s version of perfect.

Did you know, in the UK alone, around over 725, 000 people suffer with an eating disorder. Did you know, that approximately one million people commit suicide every year. Did you know, 1 out of 4 people suffer with a mental disorder. Did you also know that the rates of self harm, and death. Are increasing. No, neither did I. Because we don’t often like to talk about the things it takes to be perfect. Because then, our perfect, wouldn’t be so perfect anymore.

Along with beauty, perfection is one of those things, that we belive to be a certain thing. Because most humans like to think logically, we hear a word, we know the definition. And so that word, is associated with its definition. And so beauty becomes long hair, and white teeth. And the beauty of humanity, of a recovering alcoholic, of a girl who stopped cutting, of the person that stood up toΒ  a bully, of life, of fun, of sunsets and sunrises. Do not fit the defintion anymore, so they are no longer associated with beauty. And it is the same with perfection. Perfection becomes a certain size, a certain weight, a certain look, a certain life. Not your own individual thing. Perfection has becomes something that is so unhealthy to strive for because it isn’t even real anymore. Just another word, in another dictionary.

But these words. These things that we feel we have to be. Are addicting. People always say that they smoke because it gives them something,Β  just like people cut because it makes them relive something, feel pain physically instead of mentally. People get hooked on drugs because living in fantasy is less scary than living in reality. And people get addicted to achieving perfection because they feel society’s perfection, is the only thing that they can ever be. As soon as you start to diet, or you pick up your first foundation. As soon as you criticize your appearance, and you vow to make it better, you vow to be better, to get better. It is so hard to stop, because perfection is addicting. One of the worst drugs of them all.

I think as humans, we are continuously trying to improve, and I can say that for a fact, because I do it. I want to get better at everything, to be better and to do better. But there is a huge difference between being better/improving, and being perfect. Because, and I hate to be clichΓ©. But nobody is perfect. The word ‘perfect’ is forever changing, it evolves as the media evolves, it evolves as society evolves. And we all have our own interpretation of it. Somebody’s version of perfect. Will always be the next person’s version of ugly. And that is how it is. Perfection will never be achievable, until you realise you are perfection already.

The defition of perfection isn’t the real one. Perfection is not appearance. Perfection is so many beautiful things. Perfection is whatever you want it to be, perfection is what makes you happy. Perfection is love and passion. Perfection is friends and fun and laughter. Perfection can be anything. Because perfection is down to some bodies own unique interpretation, because we are all different.Get addicted to the beautiful things, to the love the passion. Get addicted to the friends, the laughter, the sunshine the happiness. Get addicted to the right perfection, to the real perfection. And that imperfect perfection, is life.

Thank you so much for reading.

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Love, Misstery



41 thoughts on “The addiction of ‘perfection’

  1. Perfection is a goal that will never be reached. But you can get close to it. This is a very important post. I never thought of it as addicting, but it is true. I think that there can be beauty without perfection.

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  2. Thank you so much for your sharing, I love the depth and the honesty, it feels like you’re sharing straight from your heart. To me, perfection is in the Spirit and I’m learning a lot about that. πŸ’œ Blessings

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  3. Speaking as someone who spent a lifetime seeking perfection…. Nothing can sap your soul dry and leave you feeling empty the way chasing that fleeting dream of perfection can. You’ll never get it. Because you allow others to define what perfection is as soon as you decide to be perfect. Perfection is another addiction. The hardest one to break because it’s ingrained in our heads. I’m working on breaking this perfection habit too.

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    • You are very right. I am so sorry that you have been chasing perfection for a while. I think perfection is an addiction,but it is others peoples takes on perfection. Because perfection can be anything you want it to be. I hope you break your habit soon, just remember that you are a wonderful person and in no means should you have to change yourself to be considered perfect ☺

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  4. Your last paragraph is incredibly powerful. “Perfection can be anything”, you’re so right. We all can be perfect by being true to who we are and who we want to be.
    Love this!

    Giulia x

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  5. This is so perfectly written and I love how you worded everything. I was literally going to write this post so soon, but now I have read yours, the post I was going to write will now be a link to this! You have literally taken the words out of my mouth, love you so much xx

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  6. This was so beautifully said ❀️ I think perfection is only in our heads and is a state of mind we put ourselves in. Perfect to me isn’t real, and I think imperfections are probably one of the beautifulest things we have. If we learn to love our imperfections, being perfect will become an impossible task to try to accomplish. And then maybe, just maybe, we’ll stop hating ourselves and love ourselves instead. That would be amazing.

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  7. I don’t think perfection exists really. I think it’s something people made up because they need something to look up to and to strive for. To tell them there is “an ultimate goal” in life. This sucks, because people don’t need this, but unfortunately, it’s already too late to cut out “perfection”. (Don’t know why I got so deep lol, usually I’m not like this) πŸ™‚ x

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