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TRAFFIC from ‘Demetrie’

Smells of a history class…

5th of, September.
There’s blood on the walls.
There’s blood on the walls.

Lies on womens arms, illustrated
by the alleyways- and-
she was wearing overalls
a blue shirt
singing along, tata
twinkle twinkle.

God went and Got her heart hurt…
Stuff our face, out ruled
chance to breathe, peace, want a
written right.
There’s blood on the walls.
There’s blood on the walls.

This isn’t made for us dear.
This repaint…
core cruelty,
core cruelty,
It’s not in The DNA Dear.
I’m sure it’s still us dear.

It’s the 5th of September, the 5th of September.

We didn’t even get in the car,
We didn’t even get in the car.
But there’s blood on the walls,
there’s blood on the walls.

I keep refraining from being bold, I don’t want to but I do. I never want to cause upset, shock perhaps, but shock in terms of revelation rather than upset. I felt the need to be political so I have been; oppression still exists, we see it as the horrific shadow of past on our walls of history classes and think that the lines of human rights and ethical respect are now equal, but it’s still there. I want to add a positive note that there are people fighting everyday not just for their freedom but for others. People fighting for people, making the most profound of impacts, both big and small. We can look at times like these full of negativity, but we have made progress. There are people ruled by beautiful justice. And they should be celebrated. Thank you,

P.S Please tell me your favourite line, I would love to know. I also want to add that I’m not a professional writer, a few people have asked me recently. I just write what I feel I should :*

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