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Who is she.

I have gone a lot of my life unnoticed. Every since I started school really, I am what people like to label as a ‘worrier’. When I was younger, I grew up with this drilled in my brain. That all I really was, was worry. Because I was worry I would find it hard to … Continue reading

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We sit falling. Looking at the walls. Hands, small. Roof, arms, wrists, skin. Anything. That is nothing, really. We sit falling. Making movement, creating crimson, on our skin. From our hands that are rub rub rubbing. At arms, wrists, skin. Anything. To stop us from falling. Fear of everything. Everything, and nothing. Fear that soaks … Continue reading

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Far beyond

She looked far beyond, every single one of them. And watched as their heartbeats, found a steady thrumming. Dancing upon bones of opinions. Dressed in finest normality. Their faces painted in the same shade of grey. Chains of bland thoughts escaping through¬†the cracks that hug the corners of their play pretend smiles, as they speak … Continue reading

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Once upon a time, I was scribbled onto a spare piece of paper. I was drawn in a bold, black ink. I was power. I was bravery. I was living, breathing , darkness, dancing upon a piece of paper. I tried to dance the darkness away, because darkness will always become your foe, and I … Continue reading

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We used to have green ticks above our heads. ¬†They were less a warning sign, and more a symbol telling you to come a little closer, to get a little more. Because we were the perfect ones. We used to have green ticks above our heads. We would soak in happiness and love like a … Continue reading