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COMMODITY from ‘Demetrie’

Is it true?
that I am
a fizzy-
from a pack
of armadillos?

That my…
bite marks
Tugging. Tight. Dizzy fit.

Is it true?
I am a dead girl’s
Plucking my very own

Oh Oh
Oh. No
No No.
A carousel,
empty park.
I’ll ride my,
life dear.
Sweet dear
Riding fear…

Straight from Indiana.
The way she scratches you
and oh oh
is it true
my heart not red but blue?

Till midnight.
And she’s a sore sore ghost.
Pretty china,
my eyes
could kill
Delicate ewe.

Is it true
Is it true
is it true
sweet peach,
side kick,
heels straight outta
chick flick

comb my hair.
Feel every pleat.

So when I rise,
and steal
you can tell
the walls and

I’m a footballer’s thief.

‘COMMODITY’ from ‘Demetrie’

Thank you xx

7 thoughts on “COMMODITY from ‘Demetrie’

  1. My God! Your poetry is still full of story and I love it! Have you ever released your poetry into a book or something? If not, I think you should because you are so talented xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my goodness you are just the sweetest, no I haven’t! I’m still pretty young so I don’t know if that would ever be anything I would do, but it was actually the concept of having it in a book sort of thing that inspired the idea of making it into a collection. Thank you so so much xx

      Liked by 1 person

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