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Miss you <3

Hello everybody, I have missed you very dearly. I have not had the heart or spirit to talk like I used to for a quite a while, if I am being honest. My exams  took a lot of character out of me. And after coming to terms with the fact that I will have to leave that period of my life behind, these past few years have really hit me hard. I have been through a lot. A lot that nobody had seen A lot that you, most implicitly, have likely received. Things I would never tell anyone, in a line. Pain in a simile, my own sadness in sentences after sentences. My happiness in other people’s attitude towards me, their friendship. Secrets I didn’t even accept or understand myself tucked inside pieces like 314. This has made me believe in the world. I have spent nights begging myself not to give up on myself, just because sometimes this world shows me glimpses of what greatness can be. I cannot wait to be creative again. And I hope my next chapter in life lets me do that. I hope I can become just a little bit of that greatness in this world. I want to also take a second to say to whoever reading this, that regardless of your gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality. You are a piece of power. We currently live in a world tilting between a life of opportunity or taking quite a few steps back into a turbulent history. Inequality still exists, discrimination against colour and religion. And I am a strong  believer in the soul of beauty. I am a strong believer in people. In our world now, we have immense power. Technology and scientific advances. We have social platforms and some many art forms. We have so much power. Yet sometimes we fail to see that we are the art. We are the beauty and creativity, and the evil, yes, but we are the art that becomes greatness.

Love, Misstery

p.s Im sorry for ramblin again. Miss you all so much, pls do chat w me! x

also 100% recommend watching Logic’s performance regarding suicide prevention at the VMA’S that links into my comments on artistic humanity etc. He made a really beautiful performance.

10 thoughts on “Miss you <3

  1. I want you to know that you are one fantastic person and even if you don’t feel it right now, you have creativity burning inside of you. Talking about your experiences in life is incredibly difficult but you have managed to do it with a certain delicacy that can only be achieved through poetry and the things that you write which are beautiful. If you ever need to talk, I’m here: I know a little of what it’s like to feel so helpless that you can’t breathe sometimes. I love you lots ❤️

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  2. hey beautiful x

    it’s so good to hear from you again. i hope you’re doing well, and please keep believing in this world, and in yourself. you already are a piece of greatness in this world, and although you may feel like you’ve lost a part of your character in the past years, you’re still a beautiful soul capable of anything and everything. your ending lines were beautiful, and as always your posts are thought evoking and inspirational. the speech logic gave at his vma performance was so touching and i can’t wait to listen to his album.

    take care x

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    • You are such a lovely person, honestly, always making my day. YOU are a beautiful soul. Keep on being wonderful, the world needs far more people like you. I’m so so happy you enjoyed reading. Have a lovely day ✨


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