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A moment

The last few months have been incredibly busy, incredibly eye-opening and even a bit life changing. I have had to let go of myself to regain a new version of myself, one that I hope will feel and be better. I have changed a lot, a change that hasn’t been documented much through writing, and for that I do apologise. This space really means the world to me, but I had to take a moment to invest my time not only in my academics, but within the changing of my life and myself. I have come to realise that having that moment occasionally is one of the most important and beneficial things you can do for yourself.

I have tested myself to the limits, lost myself, but (Hopefully) remained myself. Being so pressed for time and so busy has shown me that I really can  do a lot if I put my mind to it. And I can also remain myself when being put under pressure. As for my future, it’s not 100% clear yet but I have realised that is also ok, I know my next step and I know that I will always have me even if I lose everything else. I have really missed writing. I have really missed having a stability, but I have also enjoyed not knowing what I am doing, it’s a little different from the day to day structure we are all very used to.

To say I am ready to be creative and inspired again is an understatement. More than ever I am ready to do something, and without sounding pretentious ( I really hope!!) make people happy while I do it. I am currently a complete lil mess of emotions and we all know the best writing often comes out of that so whopeee. I am very sorry that I haven’t written in a while, I am just working on myself. Having a time out. My writing and blog will most probably change a little. I hope you enjoy the refresh. If you read until the end, thank you endlessly, it means more than you realise ❤

Love, Misstery



6 thoughts on “A moment

    • Nothing makes me happier than that! I’m so so glad I can inspire you, know that you inspire others too!! The pain you are experiencing is shared by so so many, but there are so many brilliant things worth living for. You just have to give yourself time to find them. Have a great day!


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