My writing

Little red boats

Little red boats that float in front of me, as I grow my two front teeth. Smile smile at me. Take a picture with me, with my two front teeth.

Little red boats that floated away from me, with their methodic spin that matched a rhythm, of my


Little red boats that start to float. In cognac, red wine. To dine with the divine and the structure of a hip bone.  Little red boats go thin. I sit


I watch my little red boats, as they become bored of my grey, shift and translate, to a different generation. I watch my little red boats, as they shift translate, into a red ecstasy. And I

Smile. Smile, to a new red me.

It writes into me, the jaw of the things that make me bleed. As he tells me, smile, smile at me. So I smile me another daydream, watching little boats run far far away from me.

So I grow my two front teeth.

Wrap the


of my little red boats, tight around me.

Tell them. Tell them…

Smile. Smile. Smile at me, to a shutter noise of my red ecstasy. A document of my final whisper over their sea.

And I can’t breathe.

I can’t breathe.

I AM BACK YES!!! Please please tell me YOUR interpretation of this, because I am so interested to hear people’s ideas. Also tell me about your Summer, how is life? Get a classic British earl grey and have a chat w me.

Love, Misstery


7 thoughts on “Little red boats

  1. That gave me shivers. I’ll be honest I have no idea what it was about … I have an idea about the positive to negative (maybe something that was once good suddenly turning or realizing that it’s bad and suffocating; the two front teeth seems child-like so maybe started off innocent and becoming less so?) but I have no ideas what the boats represent. A great piece of writing though!xx

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