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I’m still here and being patronised

Hi everyone,

I have missed writing frequently a lot. In fact, I have tried a few times but have just been too tired to solely focus on something that needs creative attention. A lot has happened since we last had a chat, as it does in life. But more so because things have just been so quick. I think in times of extreme pressure and speed you begin to learn a lot about yourself that you never would have before. I have come to focus more on the things I am capable of  through this period of my life, and have realised that fear is often the root of harsh and evil decisions.

I have also come to realise that when people see somebody succeeding they will fear. It’s almost as if as a world we have evolved to become a species that compete for materialism, like we always want what we can’t have and never really look at all of this beautiful around us. I hate that I am patronised. My generation, as a whole really. We are treated as if we know nothing at all. And it truly saddens me because I am so passionate about the beauty of the younger generation. It’s becoming so liberal and loving and in a time that this contrasts to such evil, and I think that it something that should be allowed to flourish.

I think we are a misunderstood generation. We are confused and overly stressed and pressured but the things that come out of some of these minds are so stunning and clever. And sometimes I think it really gets to us, I watch little kids now and they are fractured, trying to cover up a certain repression with swear words and jokes about sexism or something. I think if we let ourselves fly we could really do something great. But I think people in our society are hindering that from happening. Mental health issues are rising, kids can’t get days of school, it’s really shit to be honest. I just really hope that beauty can shine through because it is so strong, under all its fractures it is so very strong.

It is just very degrading when people don’t think you know things. Sometimes it can be so implicit but so clear. I just want to scream at people that we do now things and we do go through things and we can save the world that you have broken. We can.

Other than that, I just wanted to say that in our world’s current state we have to cling to strength. We are what makes this world beautiful. Our creativity and kindness, is so much more powerful than evil. So if you take anything from this smol weird update thing, its is to let yourself fly.

Love, Misstery

All my love goes to the victims, families and loved ones effected by the Manchester bombing. Truly broke my heart. xx


2 thoughts on “I’m still here and being patronised

  1. I agree with this post so much; thanks for saying this. I’m sending all my love to you and everyone else who has been misunderstood in this world because everyone deserves to be loved xx

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