My writing





Hundred, Fourteen.

All that makes up me,

All that I can see

to be to want to scream.

Oh… but what I could be,

As delicate fragments of me

fall at your feet.


teeth in mouth.


foot in shoe.

Of anger the hungry gleaming from every piece of me to you,

This fluctuating, fragmented

fire of me




But… All those pretty things I have seen


She, who was before me.

She who fell at their feet, bleeds into the earth

stains our feet

spinning spectrums of red


There she told me

But I am already choking

on my




Numbers swim through me

a lie lie lie

Is it now that I die?


Oh the gleam,

Pretty gleam a stream

of me goes running.

Oh hunger,

my angry gleaming

from every minute piece of me to you

then I fall to your shoe

enough for you

enough for you

enough for you

Wipe dirty mouth clean.

Three. Hundred. Fourteen.


Oh…to scream.

This piece of writing, like every piece with a deep meaning, is quite difficult and hard to figure out. Maybe I will never tell anybody what 314 means to me, maybe you will work it out. Just know that every word has a meaning, no matter if expressed through eyes or touch or number or mind. And I hope these ones impacted you in some way, the message is a very emotional one. Thank you so much for reading, it truly means everything to me xx

Love, Misstery


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