My writing

Dark shoes

Hello, my walls dripping.

Their Scarlett fluctuating.

A heaven of red that falls to my dark shoe.

I stand as silence,

For a moment.

And then I notice a glimpse of you…

In every corner of the room.

Polishing my dark dark shoe,

I smile up at you.

In front of my dripping Scarlett hue.

My walls, dripping,

Say don’t look straight at you.

Not painted face or disgust for the Scarlett place.

But looking straight at you,

Through the polishing of my dark shoe.

It is only then I notice you.

You stand as noise. Busy and destroying.

The girl who is silence. Strong without noise,

Smiles straight up at you.

Looking at her dark shoe. Like she just saw every part of you.

She, a pretty sort of madness, stained with a Scarlett hue. Screaming smiling at you.

She says,





I did it, you see. I did it all for you.

Ahhhh I’m a bit rusty, pls forgive me.

Love, Misstery


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