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Updates- fear and other ramblings

Hi everybody,

I really have not spoken about my life for quite a while. Which is very odd, because these last few months have been very important and influential ones, and usually the things with importance are the things I tend to write about. As I said, these last few months have been crazily hectic. Preparations for the future are (hopefully) well away, and the pressure of not succeeding is being piled down and buckled under. However, I feel as if these months have been some very eye-opening ones. Full of some very pretty and important moments.

If you read my post about new year promises, you will know that many of mine were focussed around happiness, my dreams and beating fears. And I like to think that I have made progress. Whilst every day is a battle, as it is for most people. Every day is an opportunity, and I want nothing more in my life than to be happy, inspire others and make others happy. I am taking every day as it comes and working so I can achieve the dreams that I made promises to myself about. And in the meantime I have beaten some really big fears on the way.

Fear is a huge part of my life. And I have come to live with it so closely I know each form like the back of my hand. And to be honest, I do fear fear. I fear that fear will ruin me, that it will ruin my chances of becoming this me that I know I can be. That it will be the one thing that spoils any good I have or could have. Fear is one of the most reckless destroyers. But its recklessness has become something that motivates me. I will not allow myself to live in a box. And I will not let my mind hide in one too. I do not just want to stand on the world, I want to scribble all over it.

As for happiness, inspiration and all things pretty about the world. That is taken a day at a time too. I recently said that happiness was a journey, and not something that should try to be forced. Happiness is a beautiful force derived from within. If you look around beauty is everywhere, and if nothing is making you happy right now, let it be that beauty that makes you happy. Every day is an opportunity. Whether you want to progress on personal goals or just certain aspects of life, you have every day to make a change.

As always, thank you so much for being such a source of wonderful things in my life, you are all amazing beings. So go out and have some fun, as much as we have the beauty of days, we really know when they may end. So appreciate every second of your life, and try to make it the best you can.

Love, Misstery





15 thoughts on “Updates- fear and other ramblings

  1. Dear Misstery,
    First off: You are a wonderful person. I just wanted you to know that. This was really well written and your words had much value. At least for me. And I get that you have fears. We all do. You are so strong. Fear doesn’t destroy you. It makes you stronger. You’re so brave. And I’d love to be so strong like you are. I get that fear scares you. But as I said,it won’t destroy you because you’re not letting it. You don’t have control over what happened yesterday but you do have the power to change tomorrow. And you will be able to fight it. Fight fear. Because you’re a fighter. And a wonderful human being. And I am proud of you. That might sound weird but whatever. Because I am. Life is full of chances. Every day gives us a bunch of new chances. Maybe problems, maybe a chance to be happy, maybe the opportunity to just live one day. Life is beautiful. Even if it sucks sometimes, it’s so beautiful. Because it’s a chance to change something. It could be a small thing buto it doesn’t matter how big the change is because it is a change to make the world a better place. Because you do make the world a better place in just exsisting. And you tell us about life lessons, you help people. You’ve such a beautiful soul. I hope you’re happy. Because you deserve it. As everybody does. I’m so glad that you exsist. You are wonderful.
    Yours truly,

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    • Oh my goodness I’m actually crying. Bless you’re heart, you are so so lovely. This has really really made me so happy. I’m so so thankful that I have people like you. Writing etc. Is really the origin of happiness for me. Thank you so much for being wonderful, kind and supportive. I will never take your kindness for granted. People like you really do change the world, thank you so so much.

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      • Dear Misstery,
        I know it’s late but not less, you are welcome. And I am thankful to know you. You are a beautiful human being from the inside and I am sure from the outside as well. I am thankful to you because you matter to me. You tell me such beautiful things. I’m sorry I made you cry because maybe you didn’t want to do that. But aww. You are so cute. And I am just me. šŸ™‚ I guess that’s gotta be enough. Sleep well, beautiful soul. You are wonderful. Yours sincerely,

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  2. “I fear that fear will ruin me ” – I literally feel the same. In the next year I will be moving out and I’m terrified that my fear of being around new people and sharing my ideas openly will stop me from becoming who I want to be, or who I know deep down I am. I guess I’m hoping, like you, that I’ll be able to get out of that box of mind. fingers crossed!

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