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A recognition award

Hi everybody,

As many of you will know, blogger awards are a huge part of the blogging community. One which I absolutely love. The award I will be talking about today is the bloggers recognition award. I absolutely love the idea of this award, so decided to take my little twist on it and write a post around the theme of the tag. I know that many amazing bloggers nominated me to do this, so thank you so so much to Alanna, Anna, and anybody else that nominated me (if you did please tell me so I can include a link to your blog!) I really love the blogging awards and the sense of community that surrounds them, so big thankyous to the lovely people who nominated me, if you need a list of the rules please visit their posts as I’m just taking inspiration from the tag. Now, let the games begin.

How did my blog start…

Truly, my blog started as a result of a sudden surge of random inspiration. And I honestly cannot quite put my finger on what compelled me to start writing. At that stage of my life, about 1 year ago. My mind was becoming restless, it needed change and a place to speak. I am a shy person, so rarely voice my opinions even though I have strong views and am passionate about so many things. I had loved writing since I was young, however, when starting my blog, I was at a stage where writing and I had drifted.

I think I was bored, angry, sad. I needed something. I wanted to stop dreaming and start creating. I wanted to make my dreams come true. And necessarily, I wanted a change. I wanted to make change, not only within myself but within others. And this has by far been one of the best decisions I have made in my short existence. Whilst writing is pressuring and stressful, and sometimes I find myself just despising it. I know I will always have it there, I know that it has changed me, and made my heart skip when I really thought it was far too broken and battered to do so. All I can say is that my sudden surge of inspiration must have happened for a reason, and the result is this. I hope it brings you the inspiration and happiness that I intended it to.

Advice for new writers/ bloggers…

  1. Be true to your heart– Writing is something that is created purely from somewhere inside of you, it is beautiful because it shows somebody in a light that nothing else ever really can. It is very easy when writing on a platform such as a blog, to follow what other people are doing and not project what you really want to say. But the absolute best words come out of sitting down and just typing whatever you want to type. You should not have to follow a certain format or genre or style. Let your mind create something that you will sit back in awe at. Let your heart take the lead, and words will come.
  2. Communicate-By far the most wonderful thing you will discover when writing online is the community. You will be amazed by the amount of beauty and feeling you will find on the internet. Make friends. Talk to people. You will find some of the most amazing people you have ever met in your life. And they will change you. They will inspire you, and ultimately be what makes you want to keep on going. I have honestly met so so many incredible individuals from this platform, and it has changed me in so many incredible ways. You really find people you love. And then write not only for yourself, but for the world. For the people you have met, and the inspiration you have gathered. You will find a way to create, and although the journey can be hard at times, always make sure it is making you happy

Love, Misstery






12 thoughts on “A recognition award

  1. I love this! I’m so glad you entered the blogosphere–you’ve never left a comment on something I’ve written that didn’t make me smile endlessly. I absolutely love your posts and please, never stop writing ❤

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