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A big thank you

A year, and a day ago. I decided to start a blog. This year has gone so very quickly. I think this year of all years has been the one where I have learnt the most about not only the world and other people, but myself. Myself and so much more. 2016 has been a very very hard year. For myself and for the world. But there have also been so many beautiful little and big moments that I would not change for anything. For those I am so grateful. Many of those beautiful moments, stemming from this blog and my love for writing. You of all the things in the world have truly transformed not only my year but me. This world has opened my mind and my heart to so many new opportunities and ideas. It has given me so much love. And I cannot put into words how thankful I am for that. I am forever so grateful for the things that have happened this year, I hope I made you smile or laugh or feel something. I am so grateful for every single one of you. All 606 ( WHAT) I am such a dreamer and I really do love to write. So thank you for giving me the uttermost opportunity to do both.

Love, Misstery (as always)


23 thoughts on “A big thank you

  1. Congratulations! I couldn’t be any happier that you made this blog because I have made such an amazing friend! Looking forward to another year off you ❀ xx

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