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With our DNA

You don’t do, much with your mind anymore. You don’t do, very much with colour.

I sat. Sat and wondered, just whether you wanted me too. Be just like you. With no care for colour. You just wanted me too. Become what just became of you. Dripping cold that seeped into the veins of this place. Crushed our hearts until we were blood, smeared us on the walls. Repaint our halls, with new colours. That was all you. You you.

Wondering led to rain. Because I felt my face, my colour, dissipate. After your days, of change. I needed a stage, for me to remain. Before I just let her die die die in the dark. I wondered in the rain and saw your face, rain rain covered you, and you said you just wanted me too, just become like you. Then I do what you do. What you do. Everything you you say I should do. You don’t do, so much with colour.

You have some weapons. Some dangerous disease. I could not please. Your eye. So I let her die die die. I learnt how to use that gun. I watch what you do, make me better than you. I learn to load that gun. Gun gun. Because I just don’t do, what you do. So I learn to shoot that gun.

You just wanted me too. Be just like you. Drip like you. Shoot like you. No. No. Care for colour. But I am colour, the epitome of bright. I just can’t do do do. So I pull out that gun. And I shoot me. Like you taught me too, I shoot shoot shoot me. Look what you’ve made me do. Do do. Killed me. Poor little me, bleeds colour. Smother me on the walls, to keep the cold covered.

I shoot me. Every time, I see you coming. I hear your feet thrumming. Down the stairs. Down the stairs. I used to sit. Wondering. But now I tell my mind to run. Creating colour. And you, you. My object. Because I just don’t do, what you do. I get up. And reload my gun. You you. My object.

My mind my deadly gun. I will run, before blood is smothered and smothered, me me mine. My blood and my mind.

So I reload my gun.

And I shoot you.

Because I just don’t do, don’t shoot the same as you.

And I am tired of playing dead.

This piece is very close to me, and about a feeling that is continuously in both my mind and heart. ‘With our DNA’ was written over 3 times, and I still really don’t think I have captured it yet. I had the pure intention of writing about this feeling because it is such a strong one. I had to put it into something but it felt almost forced and un natural at first. And due to the nature of the feeling I thought that tossing words on the page, and letting it come naturally was better suited to what I was writing about. So here is the final copy if you will. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed! Also its December, what the heck! get your christmas hats out lets rave.

Love, Misstery


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