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In the quiet castle

They sit

In the quiet castle


For noise.

Words sit


For noise.


Delicate and


A fleet

Of vowels

Comes running.


If you wait

With them

And watch the


The perfect

Get to her feet.

Escape. Escape. Ideal escape. As

A fleet

Of vowels

Comes running.


On shore.

On shore.

Sentences pour upon the shore.

They cannot take anymore

And ‘I should have left you there’

With a broken stare.

The girl

Gets up

And running.

With the fleet

The fleet

The fleet of vowels

That are coming.


The sound.



They shoot through the sound

Air is here and dripping. Empty.


Another glass empty.

My pretty darling empty

The doors are shut for a reason.


So there they sit

Empty stare.

Words sit

Waiting there

For noise.

With locked doors

And shattered window panes

Their sound stains

Waiting for noise.




A fleet

Of vowels

Comes running.

This is a little bit different to what I usually write, obvs it is dark and metaphorical but there is a lot intertwined into it that I do not usually put into writing. But I thought you might enjoy it anyway! Thank you for reading!

Love, Misstery

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