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Beauty is in the fireworks

The impact of little things in life is truly underestimated. And to me, the little things in life are what make life beautiful. Recently, I have been very stressed. Dealing with a very difficult mind, priorities, problems and the general repetitiveness of life itself often has that effect. But today, a little thing let that all drip away. I often worry about words and numbers, so much my mind is full of them and I can do nothing because it will not be perfect. Not right. Not perfectly in line, therefore it will never be good enough. It will not be extravagant or groundbreaking. Just normal. And that is something I seem to fear yet am comforted by. But today, a little thing let that all drip away.

This is the season of fireworks. And unfortunately, me and my family were not able to actually go to any firework shows. But we could still see them out of the window, and I took a moment to sit upstairs in the dark staring across miles of land, to be absorbed by the absolute magic of fireworks. I was with a special little person, and I asked them to describe it for me, if there is anything I want to teach them it is that everything needs description and thinking about. When asked to describe fireworks they said ‘beautiful’ and it truly warmed my heart.

Apparently, they were beautiful because they went bang and pop. Which, let’s be honest. Is why they are wonderful. But in that moment, staring out into the black ans seeing light, being absorbed by that colour. It truly was beauty. That very little, very imperfect raw moment. Was very very beautiful. And it made it all drip away.

I watched them for a while, just staring at them. And because my mind was so at ease I instantly had the urge to write. That creativity that is fueled by a little inspiration and the ability to stop and not care about being perfect. I just instantly wanted to write about it, to make a point that not everything in life needs to be big or flashy. Not everything needs to be a statement or perfect. Because the little things in life are the glimpses of true beauty. These raw and imperfect flashes are what make the world great to live in. Wether it is just a second to breathe, or a person smiling at you in the street. They count. They are not artificial but real. Beauty is in the flashes of real. In the fireworks. And in that little persons words. That is absolutely beautiful.

Love, Misstery

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