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Q & A questions?

Hi everybody, I have been trying to write for literally ages and I can’t. I just can’t. My mind is so full, I have a million things to think about but I cannot put one down. It is all too messy and I can’t put it into proper sentences. Although, I would never want to disappoint and not give you my sarcastic self. Recently, I was thinking about my blog and the things I do and say on it and I decided to focus more on the things I love doing. Because I feel a certain pressure when writing. I think it is a certain pressure to make my words sound perfect. Like if they don’t then I will never be good at blogging.

But I do want to talk about the things I love, the things I think. And as much as I do that already, which I am grateful for. It has taken a little backseat for while. I have been more creative with my writing, and I love that too. I just want to take a deep breath and make my blog more me again. I have been very very busy recently, which has taken a toll on my ‘creative vision’ if you will. Honestly, If I had the choice, I would be blogging every day about all sorts of different things. But sometimes that cannot happen, and sometimes life is just a little bit shit, and needs a little thinking about.

However, I have come to a dramatic realization. I HAVE NOT. I HAVE NOT, done a Q&A before. Everybody has. Except me. And I love the idea of Q& A’s. And I would very much so love to write one. So if you do have any questions for me, obviously keeping in mind I am anonymous and not asking for my house address or something, and you want to see a Q&A from yours truly please do tell me and ask some questions, and I will write one!

Love, Misstery



13 thoughts on “Q & A questions?

  1. Black or red?
    When thinking about waterfalls does it make you need to pee?
    Before you sneeze say pineapple, did it stop you from sneezing?
    If you was an elephant for a day, what would you be called?
    Dogs or cats?
    Chicken or Turkey?
    What fruit do you think you are?
    Are you allergic to anything?
    Do you have a crush?
    Do you like your hand writing? Show us?
    Would you like a special letter for Christmas?

    Hope these questions are okay! Sorry they are weird, on a sugar high 🙈💕💕

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