My writing

The inside walls

When the clouds came,

so did the red flowers.

Climbing up porcelain walls, tracing grazes.

A roof too,

strong and built with rugged resistance.

Walls slathered in new shades of paint. Bolder. Brighter. Fierce.

No longer delicate,

brave. Strong. Black.

The clouds came,

straight after the red rivers.

That fell down the walls. Every drip laced with the broken trust,

Given by the ones outside those climbing red flowers.

The roof. The walls. The strong. The black.

The black.

When the clouds came,

she turned herself strong. Wiped away that broken trust. And covered up.

Every single drop,

then she turned around to see,

broken trust dripping from the walls,

inside.Tearing down red roses and painting her heart white. Broken trust, broken trust. No No and never. Watch her repaint the walls, with different colours.

The walls are dripping again.

Then the clouds dissolved, and turned into rain.

Thank you so much for reading, I honestly wrote this super quick but I hope you enjoyed! This was a written response to today’s word prompt ‘Trust’

Love, Misstery


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