My writing

Far beyond

She looked far beyond,

every single one of them.

And watched as their heartbeats,

found a steady thrumming.

Dancing upon bones of opinions. Dressed in finest normality.

Their faces painted in the same shade of grey. Chains of bland thoughts escaping through the cracks that hug the corners of their play pretend smiles, as they speak to her. She coughed colours.

She looked far beyond,

the tall trees of ideologies,

And questioned.

She added fire.

To her thoughts.

And burnt those trees,

to ashes.


she ran.

Into the far beyond,

the Neverland.

Of coughing colours,

their voices left thrumming in the distance,

a buzz in a brilliant mind.

And she burnt those trees,

to ashes.

As she breathed.

Thank you so much for reading, this is a jumble of emotion that I put into words because that’s all I do ahaha. I hope you enjoyed!

Love, Misstery



12 thoughts on “Far beyond

  1. The words you chose to write this made this poem. The visual aspect that you painted with your words is truly beautiful. So much going on that I had to read it again to see if missed anything! In case you were wondering, I really enjoyed reading this!

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