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Dear stranger,

Dear Stranger,

Sometimes, we need somebody to tell us these things.

You are worth. Because you matter. Because you exist. And that is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Your existence to this world means something, because you have the ability to make change. To chase your dreams. To reach for the extra ordinary and to prove yourself wrong. If that is not worth, then stranger, what on earth is? No matter how much life may drift from the wonderful, let it always return back to you. Because you deserve to feel that beauty of living.

You are beauty. Because you are not perfect. Because imperfections make us human, they make us a brilliant, unique part of life. Because your face is not like their face, because your mind is not like their mind. Because you are funny, smart, kind, loving. Because you are you. And your beauty, Deserves to be seen. Let it shine. And never change.

You are talent. Because you are capable. Of many endless gifts. You have a mind, that can do anything when it wants to. That can stretch for miles, and spill with spectrums full of colour. No matter how much suppression that mind will face. From the eduction system, peers, friends or simply people. That mind is yours. Tell it to reach further. Because you are talent.

Be kind. Because people are worth. Because people matter, and the power behind one simple word is truly underestimated. Don’t be cruel. Because you never know what somebody may be fighting, no matter how much you think you know. No matter how much you think you see. You will never see inside that mind. So please, be kind to others. And they will be kind to you.

See beauty in everything. Because people are beauty. Good people, kind people. They are beauty. Because beauty is not just an aesthetic thing. It is present in the way people act, and think. It is present in their words. Do not focus on the ugly in the world, because it is there. Look for the beauty in everything, and you will find it.

Encourage people. Because people are talent. Because self-expression is so very important. Because everybody has their own mind, and that mind must breathe and create. Because people too often feel as if they cannot achieve, because there is too much suppression. Encourage people. To do what makes them happy. And do happy for yourself too.

I hope you are ok. I hope you are happy. I hope you are smiling.

You are beauty. Talent. And worth.

sincerely, a stranger

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Love, Misstery

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17 thoughts on “Dear stranger,

  1. This made my week! After feeling utterly deflated from horrible (unhelpful) words that someone felt they needed to say to me, I needed this. We should encourage each other, and embrace our own talents. Loved this. Your writing is well done and engaging. Again, cause I know you write this must for me, thanks!

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