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Hi, we haven’t had a down to earth ‘I don’t care about what I’m even writing lol’ chat for a while, have we? Life has been busy. It often does that. Especially to me it seems, my writing has been different. Much more creative. But that’s what I love, so that is what my heart wants to write. I hope you are all feeling happy, just know that you deserve lots of that stuff. You all make me very happy. Even when I am far far from it. I just love you all heaps to be honest. It’s also nearing Autumn. And I love Autumn. Last Autumn, was in fact when I started considering writing a blog (God bless I did it tho) I vividly remember looking at the Autumn leaves outside whilst considering it. Looking at those same leaves, -no longer a spectrum of Autumnal shades. But dead-. A few months after Christmas whilst creating a blog called ‘Misstery blog’. For me, that ending to Autumn then became a thing for the alive, the bright. Not the dying.

Last Autumn, I was a very happy person. I was a very different person. And when  I look back it’s quite interesting to me to see how much I have truly changed. The way I think. The way I act. The way I write. But I am glad that I have changed. Change is very good. And ironically, is the first thing I said I wanted on this blog. This chat has become very nostalgic. I think what I really want this Autumn, Is for it to feel like last Autumn. You see, I don’t think I saw just how beautiful this time last year was, while I was living it. But that’s the crazy thing about life. Sometimes you don’t appreciate the beauty of it, until it is gone.

And that is why I love Autumn. Because I see the beauty in it. I felt the beauty in it. And I will always remember that beauty. I think there are certain really small things in life that really affect me, that really make me feel at one with the world. I have always seen the beauty in the little things. The strange and the wonderful. And I am so happy I do. Because it reassures me that no matter how bad things can get, there is always, always something to bring you back up again.

I hope I can bring you back up again, even if it’s just for a second. I hope I have done that for you. Because every single one of you have done that for me. And that’s what I love about this little community. We fall. And there is always somebody there. It is so full of kindness and it’s truly just wonderful. If there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that you have all helped me shape as a person. And I really hope I can be that one to bring you back up again.

You see, I think that sometimes when I write, I am writing at myself. Like I am my audience. Like I am writing these words so they sink into my own head as well as yours. Ingrained into my mind, the words effecting me. And I think maybe that is what connects somebody who writes and somebody who reads, you are both intertwined by this absorption of these words. I think that is a very beautiful and wonderful thing. And I have come to realise, that is a huge reason that I love writing. This little bit of connectivity can save you. Whether you hide in the words you write or whether you drink them up. They are words all the same, and my soul breathes like yours. Connected by vowels and language techniques. Beautiful. Beautiful things. And I thank you very much for them.

Anyway, is you read this far congrats. I usually don’t write this sort of thing, but it feels good to talk like this sometimes. I often get a little too caught up in trying to make my words sound perfect. But sometimes, words are better expressed without rhythm. Without any second influence or doubt. So there was my little imperfect. What a beautiful thing.

Thank you so much for reading, if you enjoyed please do like comment and follow my blog. It means so much to me!

Love, Misstery

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