Play pretend

They told us ‘go play’.

So we went play pretend.

Counting down the days until we could breathe again,

wishing on holographic stars that our holographic minds would be a little less loud, a little more sane.

They told us ‘go play’.

So we went play pretend.

Looking at each other’s pretty pictures that pepper their pretty arms, dancing as they draw blood. Fearing fear and fearing breathing. Fearing big and fearing small. Drowning in the most vacant form of empty. Sometimes they get diagnosed with it all. Monsters emerging from people’s once kind eyes. Black skies.

We laugh it all away,

Drunk on pain.

Scream for just one day.

‘It’s close’ we reassure each other,

lost in the fairy tales of one another’s hope, because the ones that told us play pretend think our bones,

are too fragile to carry the weight of the millions of voices that all boil down to one. Our minds are lost, not gone.

Our brilliant beautiful minds on fire.

Reaching for one another,

with empty glazed eyes hoping they will help you waste away your precious time.

In those glazed eyes, you see the pigment of yourself.

We tell horror stories around the camp fire, but ours are real.

We laugh when we cry. Blood pours from our eyes,

and makes patterns as it hits the floor.

We choke on daylight.

They told us.

They told us,

‘go play’.

So we went play pretend.

Now we are watching holographic eyes as they sink into withering skies. Illustrating till the night’s end. Watching as our pigment, drains along with the rest of them. In a land much darker than yours. Drunk on pain. Eyes on fire.

We choke on daylight.

Thank you so much for reading, this is a written response to today’s one word prompt ‘pretend‘, I really hope you enjoyed!

Love, Misstery

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