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Positive thoughts

Negativity has a certain power, as soon as you give it the things it needs to live, it grows. It covers every little aspect of your life, and sometimes you don’t even realise it. It controls your mind, body, soul. And it is very hard to escape from. Escaping a negative mindset isn’t as simple as thinking of pretty pictures to wish all of your pain away. But pretty pictures do help. Because your mindset and the way you look at things has a dramatic effect on your feelings. If we think of negative things, that negativity will transpire and we give our own thoughts the ingredients they need to thrive. But if we think positive thoughts, and make our mindset positive. It has a huge effect on our lives. Becoming a happier person is so hard and you are not alone, sometimes you just need a big hug and some reassuring words. So I hope these ones can reassure you. I hope they give you a big metaphorical hug. Here is my list of positive thoughts, I hope they help you in some way.

  1. Right now, you are alive, you have the blessing of living.
  2. You have the ability to make the best out of that life.
  3. You can do anything if you put your mind to it.
  4. You can achieve your dreams.
  5. I believe in you.
  6. You are unique.
  7. You are loved.
  8. You are beautiful.
  9. You are talented.
  10. You have the ability to bring happiness to others.
  11. Your flaws make you human.
  12. Being human is beautiful.
  13. Nobody is perfect, because perfection does not exist.
  14. You are strong.
  15. Happiness can beat pain.
  16. You can do it.
  17. You are not weak.
  18. You’ve got this.
  19. This is your life, you are in control.
  20. Whatever you are going through, you can beat it.
  21. You can change some bodies day.
  22. I care about you.
  23. You are not alone.
  24. You can conquer yourself
  25. You can prove them wrong.
  26. Never compare yourself to others, we are all a unique form of beauty.
  27. Pain doesn’t last forever.
  28. Something wonderful is about to happen.
  29. There is so much more of life to explore.
  30. You deserve happiness.

So there is a little list of positive thoughts, I hope you all know I love you very much and appreciate every single one of you. I hope you have a happy day ahead.

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32 thoughts on “Positive thoughts

  1. I’m in love with this post! It just made really happy while reading! Thank you so much for sharing, it’s such a great way to spread positivity and I guess you made everyone who read your positive thoughts Feeling a bit better! <33

    Liked by 1 person

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