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Away with the rain

‘away’ I say.


This blackest rain doesn’t ever seem to leave my faltering, fluttering heart, caged in the luxury labels you dressed me in. These are only for the special, these dark leather tags.

‘away’ I say


Please. I will stay wide awake, the capacity of my irises filling up with the screaming silence you feed me. Sick inside, is hidden in the gleam of my eyes.

I am flowing,

my blood. Around my body. The darkest of skies and the deepest of waters will not shelter me from these acidic, burning droplets.

I am flowing,

Following all the wrong map lines,Β  to a tear-stained destination, where you dance with the shadows of your mind,

Praying that they don’t pull my innocent feet from their delicate sleep and drown me right under. Till I stop flowing. Like the rest of them with the dark, leather tags. Stagnant. Still.

Please. I will smile, your secret, I shall keep it. But I will not let you take me, and wake me from delicate sleep,

For I am fire.

I ignite with life.

I am one, who lights up so vividly they can burn their own shadows to the ground. Watch as I burn the rain to ashes.

watch me, yes me.Β  As I make flashes.

‘Away’ I say


For you are rain.

But I,

am fire.

And I ignite with life.

‘away’ I say

Away, with the rain.

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Love, Misstery


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