June favorites 2016

Hi everybody. June has been an interesting month for me. I have enjoyed so many things this June, so many that it was hard to choose my absolute favorites. But I definitely have a few to tell you about. I love sharing my favorite things with you, and reading about yours. So please tell me down below what you have been enjoying this month! Here are the things I have been loving, this June.


BareMinerals ready foundation| If there is one huge thing I struggle with when it comes down to makeup, it is foundation. I have such problematic skin, and nothing has ever seemed to work for me on the daily. I have always leaned away from liquid foundations because I don’t like my makeup to heavy. But concealer has never really done the trick because I do like an even coverage. And after getting a little fed up of wasting my money on drugstore products that were not working, I took the plunge and after hearing all the hype, purchased some bare minerals. I got the ready foundation purely becuase I cannot trust myself with loose minerals, they would go everywhere. This foundation is a compact which contains 14g of product, and is lightweight, as it is a powder. And I love it. I will probably be doing a full review on this products soon. So I can go mor into detail then, but I love it.


Imperial leather marshmallow shower gel| I have never really loved a shower gel. But this one, is to die for. It smells exactly like marshmallows, it is heavenly. Plus it is very affordable and lasts ages. So you really cannot go wrong. It is one of the nicest smelling things, and I have repurchased it way too many times to be acceptable anymore.

we were liars

We were liars by e. Lockhart| I am going to have an emotional breakdown. I honestly don’t know if I can talk about this book without crying, screaming or both. I love books with all of my heart. And this book, is stunning. There is no other word for this book. Every word drips with beauty. I have never cried whilst reading a book, but we were liars seriously got to me. Not only because I could see myself in the main character, but because I started to be a part of the book. I fell in love with every character and every scene. I fell in love with every thought and very chapter. And then the bombshell dropped. And I will not spoil it. But I have not been able to pick it up since. I am emotionally damaged, yet beautifully inspired by this wonderful book. It is by far my new favorite, and I seriously recommend you read it.


‘Heathens’ by twenty one pilots| There is not one song by twenty one pilots that has not left me in awe. Twenty one pilots have to be some of the most talented musicians of our time. Their lyrics are absolutely perfect, and their songs are so real it hurts. Twenty one pilots tell it so very real, and I think that is what so beautiful about their music. I have a huge fondness for music, and I am so picky when it comes to my music taste. But twenty one pilots will forever be one of my favorites. And their new song, is amazing. I honestly don’t think I have ever been so excited for a song, as I was for heathens. Not only is the song amazing, so is the music video. I love deep, dark, symbolic things. And the music video has so much hidden meaning behind it. It is just beautiful. And if you have not already, please go give heathens and all their other songs a listen. Be ready for your life to be changed.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed.

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Love, Misstery

41 thoughts on “June favorites 2016

  1. OMG we were liars left me in a perpetual state of being emotionally wreaked – I’m pretty sure I haven’t yet got over it. I’d love to see a review of the bare minerals foundation, as I have been looking for a foundation and seem to have found nothing I love – freckly skin problems!😂

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  2. I love this shower gel too so nice have you tried that tutti frutti one?? it amazing and I need that book now! love a good read

    Ive just started up my blog again and done my June 16 Faves have a peek if you fancy 🙂

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  3. It’s coming up to a year since a read we were liars (last summer holiday I dont remember the date or anything) and honestly no book has ever come close, everytime I see it in a book shop I get so happy and hearing other people enjoying it makes me so happy. The whole book is beautiful and I’m honestly so invested in the story a year later….You’re stuck for life now you’ve read it haha

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  4. I’ve just bought We Were Liars and now I really want to read it, it sounds so amazing. I wasn’t sure if it would be any good so thanks for your lovely post! x

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