My writing


We used to have green ticks above our heads.

 They were less a warning sign, and more a symbol telling you to come a little closer, to get a little more.

Because we were the perfect ones.

We used to have green ticks above our heads.

We would soak in happiness and love like a drunken alcoholic, we would spin round and round on the carousel’s of our hearts  just to observe the world as it  twisted and turned.

And colours would flash before our eyes, making patterns that covered our skies of lies, writing their own never-ending fantasy. The patterns were us, And we were perfect.

We used to have green ticks above our heads.

I am sure you can remember them.

because we did not forget our ticks, we lost them.

The colours have faded.

To black and white,

carousels spin lonely in the dead of night. And deathly lullabies are played into the burnt like charcoal skies, as we wish on stars that no longer exist,

and pray.

That our children get it better than this. We pray, that they won’t loose their ticks.

But we are still that drunken alcoholic, the only difference is that we drunk on the real thing. We sip on sin, and sing,

ghastly songs into the dripping black of night. With ghastly rhymes, and ghastly words. Dripping, dripping, along with our green ticks. Dripping, dripping. As we drown in our own deep red sips.

We still spin.

We spin round and round in circles, till our heads get dizzy, hoping to see those colours again.

Hoping to feel that rush again.

Hoping that we won’t awake to the same,

thing as yesterday. And the day before. Because everyday, we hurt a little more.

I used to write on the world.

Scratch my intitials in to the earth and sea, to protect our souls, our songs. Our beuatiful patterns, to preseve our happy. Now let me scratch what we have become.

Do you want your tick back?


I’m tired.

So give me another dose.

As I scratch the words on the worldfalse, false, false

Thank you so much for reading, this is written in response to today’s prompt word ‘false‘, I hope you enjoyed!

Please like, comment and follow my blog. It means the world to me.

Love, Misstery


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