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The beauty behind being kind

Right now I am feeling happy. Which does not happen often anymore. So I figured I should write it down and document it, to prove to myself that every day is not a sad day. Even if my happiness only lasts a little while. Today, I am feeling happy because I went out and made other people happy. I am a strong believer that spreading kindness, and being warm and loving to other people not only benefits you, but benefits said person. Small acts of kindness are so important, and even though they are small. They can completely change some bodies day. Sometimes, when we are in a bad place, or struggling. All we need is a quick compliment or a hug, and that small act can completely change mood. Maybe even their life.

Because the world is an evil, fucked up place. It is so utterly absurd, and maliciously corrupt. Yet it is so beautiful at the same time. There is so so much evil everywhere. And sometimes that evil in the world can become so evident, that it becomes all we see. And so we all go around our everyday lives, doing what we need to do. Getting what we need to get. Hoping for a glimmer through the clouds of our own pain, that we cover up with high-end fashion and expensive bags. Not taking a second glance at the people around us.

We are surrounded by beauty. Everything, and everyone contains beauty, because we are all examples of life. And life is a beautiful thing. Let me remind you of that. Sometimes we have to take a harder look at the world for a minute. To realise how much we are missing. How much we are letting fly by us, we let it fly by so quickly, we focus on getting to our destination so much that we forget to appreciate the journey we took to get there.

The world is a huge place. Yet some people think the only person on this world is them, and it isn’t. As soon as we encounter an issue, we see nothing but that issue. Because everything is meaningless but us, and that is sad. We make first impressions in one glance like its our human nature. And we avoid helping people as if human interaction equals danger. As if our images will be harmed by a simple smile. But they won’t. Because we are all here. And we are all the same.

We are all hurting. Some of us are hurting more than others, but we are all hurting. We are all struggling. None of us know why we are here, or what will happen when we leave. Some of us wish to leave. But we are all here, and we are all hurting. And it takes 2 seconds to make somebody happy. So do it.

All my life, I have been focused on other people’s happiness. I have been focused on watching people smile, laugh and making other people happy. Because why would you live in a world full of evil, and accept it. Why would you live in a world full of beauty and not acknowledge it. Happiness is a journey. And today I am happy. Because I made, somebody else happy. And that, is the beauty behind being kind.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you are having a great day!

I also wanted to say that I am still, and will always be carrying out the ‘ a corner of kindness’ concept. You can read more about the corner of kindness in the dedicated page on my blog. Even though that post is written so poorly, and I cringe reading it back every time.

Please like, comment and follow my blog. It makes me ever so happy. And I am so very grateful for every one of you.

Love, Misstery


14 thoughts on “The beauty behind being kind

  1. You are so so fantastic πŸ™‚ Honestly for writing is so beautiful. The world is fucked up, but at least there’s you to make it a little more beaarable. Everyone hurts, but there’s always people to help you. You should think about yourself – prioritise yourself – and let yourself be happy. It’s important.

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  2. This post made me smile, and believe me when I say that doesn’t happen often. Some make me laugh, why not? But this post really worked it’s magic gradually as I went on reading it. I wish you have more happy days coming your way and the people you help. Again, loved the post.

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  3. This is such a positive post, enjoyed reading it. Sometimes it really gets difficult to look at the world beyond our needs, this made me realize how much the little acts of help and appreciation matter. Keep it up dearπŸ™Œ

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