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June/July goals 2016

Setting goals is important. Because accomplishing things is important.When we accomplish something, we gain a certain power that comes along with that accomplishment. Because you are beating a bit of yourself, you are improving, you are becoming stronger. By accomplishing something, you are proving something. You are proving to yourself, and to the world, that your capabilities stretch far wider than they are currently. You are proving a part of yourself, that has doubted you for so long, wrong. And that is powerful.

Because as people we are very critical, we like to think that we cannot do something. And I am exhibit A when demonstrating this, I will happily admit to that. We like to say that we cannot do something, because the thought of us being able to do it seems so impossible. Because we have convinced ourselves that our capabilities can only be our own minds version of normal. And so, we do not push ourselves outside of these boundaries of normality.

Without goals, without achieving. We would not have this drive that we have. We would not have this urge to improve, to reach for something. To work for something. Because often working gives life purpose, and getting something from that working hard, gives life purpose too. without improving ourselves, we will never know what we could have been. We will never know what we could have done, or seen. Without working, and achieving our goals, we would never know that we have the ability to become them. So here are my goals for June and July. Because I am that one awkward person who couldn’t just do it at the start of June. I hope they help me to better myself.

1| Be more confident.

2| Keep on dreaming about the future, and working to make that future happen.

3| Keep working on staying calm.

4| Keep trying new things and experiences.

5| Let everybody I love know I appreciate them.

6| Stop complaining about the way I am and embrace it.

7| Stay true to myself, always.

8| Get out more, with friends, family, anybody. Go and have fun.

9| Be happy, life is beautiful.

10| Keep writing, even if you cringe reading it back. Everything is a work in progress.

11| To explore new things and places, even if it is nearby. The world is a stunning place, see as much of it as you can.

12| To be happy. And make others happy too.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and you are having a great day!

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Love, Misstery

17 thoughts on “June/July goals 2016

  1. We’re often our worst critics, but even our little here-and-there victories eventually add up to something that we can show our critic and say “now chew on this and get in the back seat, and if you say one more word, you’re going in the trunk.”

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