My writing


A shattered mirror.

The lock of the door.

My screams are hard to ignore,

with all this shattered glass on the floor.

Do you see me yet?

 Are the colours of my heart so colours so vivid and visible?

Do you see me yet?

As tears fall down my pretty little  face as I look at the shattered reflection of disgrace.

Do you see me now?

Melting along with the crown,

they gave me, beauty queen they say, but what does beauty mean I say

You see me now. I bet you do,

as the shattered glass breaks through my skin, and I’m sinking

You see me now.

Because blood is hard to ignore.

and so is the girl just sitting on the floor.

Maybe, my mirror of happiness will have a resurrection,

But not till I have reached your idea of perfection.

This is a written response to today’s prompt word ‘perfection

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Love, Misstery


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