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You must not. Not today. You have things to do, Places to be, Sigh. Never. You cannot be doing this today, look at yourself. You are a state, this is not who you say you are. How dare you step a foot out of line like this, how dare you think like this. Never. Stop that right now and put a smile on your face. You have never been a crier, not today, not tomorrow. Or any day for that matter. Never. Pick up your things, and your happiness too, or at least cover yourself up a little. Don’t you dare show you are hurting, Oh imagine if you showed you were hurting. How dreadful that would be to see. Never. Sigh. You look a little better now. No, no, no.Wipe that tear of your cheek, who on earth do you think you are? Crying in front of an audience. Stupid little girl. You are not as strong as you appear to be, are you?  Never. Where have all your opinions gone, huh? It doesn’t take much to shut your pretty little mouth, does it? But I guess that is what it is like for the weak-minded. You flinched at that. I saw. Weak, Yes. Again. That is what I said. You weak child, you only have yourself to blame. Sigh. I am waiting. That is right, get up. Stand up straight, perfect. Thank God. You are getting yourself together, finally brushing your hair. Yes put on some makeup, and some flattering clothes too. Smile in the mirror, that is right. That is a pretty smile you have there. Appear happy, that is they key. No, stop that, not again. Never. I don’t care. So shut up, your negativity is astouding. We did not do this for no reason. Else you would not have stood up. Don’t look back. Now leave. Get out of the door. Give them something to stare at. Smile and smile, only hurt for a little while. Sigh.

‘ Do you ever cry? ‘ ‘Never’

Thank you so much for reading, this style of writing is a little different from my usual and I am not particularly sure about it, but I hope you enjoyed anyway. I hope you are having a great day!

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Love, Misstery


14 thoughts on “Never

  1. I thought it was wonderful, Misstery. It was really real for me, and it helped me connect to some deep feelings inside of me. Needed that right now, I think. Thank you! And hey – it’s good to explore our creative style too, right? Blessings for a wonderful weekend. ❤

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  2. this is actually really really good! it really shows the conflition between who we want to be and project ourselves to be verse how we are and how much of our mind set and behaviour is dependent on how we want to be seen x

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  3. this post Shows a bit how unconfident we often are.. that’s how I understand it. i think we should stand up for who we are and do not think we can’t Change things we made n the past wrong into a better. Love ya xx

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