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5 things that will make your life happier

We all feel sadness, sadness is something that we will never be able to escape. Some feel it more than others. Some feel it differently compared to others. Some deal with it better, some deal with it worse. But we all feel it. We all know sadness. Just like we all know happiness. I think, there are many ways we can learn to deal with sadness, we all have our own unique ways to dealing with things. But there are some things, that can work for everybody. There are some things, that can make everybody happy, or at least some of them. So here is my list of 5 things that will make your life happier, because I am a strong believer, that EVERYBODY deserves happiness, especially you.

Nature| For me, there is nothing more beautiful and calming than nature. I have always loved the outdoors. I grew up around nature, and I still am. I think making sure you regularly go outside and take a walk, is so so important. But don’t just go outside and take a walk. Really look at the things that surround you, and take a second just to let it all sink in. When you are feeling down, it feels like the whole world is disgusting, so reminding yourself frequently about the beauty within the world is so important when wanting to create a happy mindset.

Escaping the comfort zone| Escaping the comfort zone is something we all inevitably avoid, because the ‘comfort zone’ is created by our mind, and our own minds are hard things to argue with. But if we don’t escape our comfort zones, life becomes stagnant. Because life is about making progress, we are continuously evolving, continuously changing. And that means the things we experience in life should continuously evolve and change too. If we don’t challenge ourselves, we will just be at a constant stand still in life, never knowing how capable we are within ourselves. So go and do something different, push yourself a little, because trying new things and exploring new places opens up so many amazing opportunities, and can really have a positive effect on your general mindset and outlook on life.

Focussing on YOU| I think one of the biggest flaws in human nature, is being so easily absorbed in things. We get so easily absorbed in work and exams and stress that we forget what really matters in life. Sometimes, as individuals we have to take a minute to focus on ourselves. Because when we focus on ourselves, and our own happiness. That can then be built upon, to create other people’s happiness. Because if you are not happy, the world is less happy. And your life is less happy. Life is all about LIVING. And if something is stopping you from living happily. You need to focus on you for a second, and do whatever you can to find your happiness.

Being kind and accepting| I cannot press the idea of spreading kindness enough, honestly, one of the best things you can do to improve your life. Is to improve your way of thinking. You should open your mind to accept others, and what makes others happy. As soon as you become an accepting person, you will no longer scrutinize groups of people. And that not only creates happiness for you, but happiness for others. There is no harm in simply complimenting a stranger either, or paying for some bodies bus ticket if they don’t have the money, or helping somebody pick something up. Acts like these, add so much genuine kindness to the world. And it shows the truly beautiful nature of humanity, that sadly we don’t get to see often, to both the people witnessing your kindness, and you.

Working for your dreams| Everybody has a certain dream in their head, a certain job, a certain lifestyle. Everybody dreams to become something. And I think it is so important to do your best to become that something. Because you have this one life, this one chance. And it is all yours, you can do whatever you want with it. I love to work hard, I love to see that my hard work is paying off. And I have always been like that, but so should everybody. because working for something you want, gives life meaning. Working for your dreams also gives you a huge purpose, because life isn’t just a the title on a checklist, life becomes exciting, something to make exciting and make better. So follow your dreams, no matter where they take you. Following your dreams, is far better than working for something you never wanted anyway.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you are having a great day!

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Love, Misstery



23 thoughts on “5 things that will make your life happier

  1. I agree with the last one for sure. We will spend more than half of our waking life working and according to surveys, 88% of people are dissatisfied with what they do for a living. that’s a lot of time spent being unhappy. we all need to take risks and go after our dream job in order to raise our happiness. nice list, not sure about number one though, but nice post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! That is a very sad statistic, you are right it is such a shame that so many people spend that much time doing something that doesn’t make them happy. Thank you for your comment 🙂


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