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Conquer yourself

They say, that in life one of the hardest things to do is conquer yourself. And I have learnt that. When I was younger, and the world was beautiful, and the sadness was covered up with glasses made of innocence. I did not know how truly terrible your own mind could be to yourself. But I have learnt that. I have learnt it from the way I began to change, others began to change. I learnt it from the way that things like my age no longer restrict me from say, going out. But my own mind will. And as much as it fascinated me, it terrifies me too. Because my glasses made from childhood innocence are lost. And now I understand. Why people said the hardest thing to conquer, is yourself.

We can say its society. We can say its our friends. We can say its our mums, dads, sisters, brothers. We can say its the media, we can say its high expectations.And it is, But its also us. Because when something happens in life, when we hear something, say something, do something. It is what our mind decides to do with that information, that makes the impact. That makes us feel something.

If we want to, we can try not to let things  hurt us. We can be clever and sneaky. We can see past society, friends, mums, dads, sisters, brothers. We can see past those things, we can stop letting things affect us. If we change the way our mind sees things. And I know that. I have known that ever since I decided not to give a shit anymore.

But what do we do, when its our own mind we have to change. It’s not the way we let things affect us. It’s just us. We have to beat a bit of ourselves. A bit of ourselves, which is ar more damaging than any insult. Far more damaging than any snide remark, or any false advertisement. What do we do, when we, have to conquer ourselves. Because and I hate to say it, but nobody is perfect. You see, we take one glance at somebody and just assume what they are like, where they come from. Our minds calculate so many things at one glance, but we don’t see what they are hiding. We don’t see it, but they do. And we will never know, because its hard to let your bad side come out of hiding, let alone conquer it yourself.

But the human mind is strong. It is so strong that it can even beat a bit of itself. A bit that is hiding from the outside. A bit that is poisonous and deadly. It can beat that. You can beat that. I think in order to conquer yourself you have to want it, you have to want to better yourself as an individual. You have to ignore others, and focus on you. Focus on the fact that there is something you need to beat, and realize that you do have the capability to beat it. Because the human mind is strong, you are strong.

As people, we like to say we cannot do things. We cannot do this, we cannot do that. Then we follow it up with a carefully practised excuse. But it’s that mindset that we cannot do something, that actually stops us from doing it. Because we can do anything if we face it with the right mindset, if you know your capability as an individual, and you know your power. You can do anything.

So your glasses of innocence are lost, leave them lost. Because the sooner you leave them, the sooner you learn. How to conquer yourself.

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13 thoughts on “Conquer yourself

  1. I know this isn’t really related, but the other day one of my teachers said something to me. She said ‘When you are children, being slumped over means that there is something wrong. When you are a teenager, you are always slumped over, and you need something exciting to actually straighten you up’. I found this incredibly sad but true. It does take something to make us happy, rather than something making us sad. I have been trying to keep this in mind for the past few days, and I think we all should. Something to think about. Loved the post, as always xxx

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