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‘Calm’ book review

I am a huge book lover. Ever since I can remember I have loved to read, and was always known as the ‘book worm’. I can honestly read a whole series of books in a day if I want to. And reading, for me, is just a way to escape reality. And appreciate the beauty of human language, the way certain words can sound so perfect. Put on a page right in front of you. I love it. And recently I got sent a book by one of my closest friends. Which I included in my April favorites.  The book is called ‘calm’ and I figured since I am loving it so much, I should do a full review of it.



This book. written by Michael Acton Smith I believe, is all about meditation, appreciating nature. And all of the things that contribute to a positive mindset. It contains tips on how to relax yourself during panic attacks, how to beat stress and generally just how to appreciate the beautiful things in life, and live more happily.

First of all, the cover of this book and its general aesthetic, is lovely. Just the cover is calming itself. The design is very simplistic, but certainly serene and calming. The pictures in the book are also very relaxing, each section of the book talks about a  different things, and always has gorgeous pictures or illustrations to complement the writing.

Now, this book isn’t meant to be read traditionally. You are not meant to start at the front and make your way to the back.  You are supposed to just choose a page you feel will benefit you or just open it randomly, and have a read whenever you wish. And I love that it is like that. I love that when I am stressing, or wanting to just relax. I can open this book on a random page and, ta dah. I am instantly more relaxed, or at least distracted from what I am worrying about.


For me, I have always loved powerful writing. Writing that will make me think about something. And this book is just that, the way that this author writes in this book is truly amazing. It truly puts into perspective, for an anxious person, or anybody. What really matters in life. It puts your fears into perspective to the rest of the world. And then they seem smaller, easier to beat.

The main focus of this book is generally meditation. Which I have never actually tried before, but it also contains motivational quotes, tips and just general inspiration. I would recommend this book to everybody. I think in life, stress consumes everybody, yes at different intensities. But it does. And I think that it is so important to remember that stress is not everything, and not allow ourselves to be consumed by it. Because life is a beautiful thing that we take for granted, we get so caught up in what we have to do then. That we forget that we are living in the now. And it is so important to realise that the now we are living in and the then we are preparing for, should be happy and positive. So I would recommend you take a look at this book, if you want a little calm.

Thank you so much for reading.

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Love, Misstery


19 thoughts on “‘Calm’ book review

  1. Thank you Misstery! This is a beautiful post. The cover of “Calm” is really balancing, isn’t it? I just came back from a weekend meditation retreat, and I realized how much resistance I have to living in the now. I really held for myself to go through it, and move deeper into my heart. Calm. 🙂

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