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5 things I have learnt from blogging

Hi guys, I hope you are having a great day, and you are feeling happy and positive. I started this blog over 3 months ago, and never did I think the months to come, would be like how they are now. My blogging journey, which I haven’t been on for very long, has been full of ups and downs. But it has been one of the most amazing trips in my life. I have learnt so many things from blogging, it has allowed me to mature in the way I write, meet new friends, and open my mind to different perspectives on the world. And I love blogging, it has taught me so much, so today I am going to list 5 things I have learnt, from blogging.

Not everybody on the internet is evil | I get it, stranger danger. The internet is often made out to be this very dangerous place, and in some ways it is. The internet allows you to be completely anonymous, that is something we don’t get in real life, and something that can be dangerous. And we get told about the dangers of the internet. And that is good. But what we don’t get told about, is that the people you meet on the internet, can be some of the best people you will ever meet. I have made so many amazing friends from blogging, from my first follower ( ruby, you know where you are) to so many other ones, who I know will support me through anything, and that is something I will never ever take for granted.

Wishes don’t happen in a day | I have always wanted to blog, and I knew it would be hard. But i didn’t know, that it would be this hard. It took me at least a few days to get my first follower, and lots of hard work and determination to get more. Blogging is not easy. That is why if you are seriously considering it, like I was, you have to be prepared to work hard for it, you cannot wish for something and expect it to happen in a day, it doesn’t. Wishes take lots of time and hard work to come true.

You can’t always be perfect | When I started blogging, I really didn’t know what my blog was really about, and I still don’t. But one of the biggest things blogging has taught me, is that it doesn’t matter if you do not know. Not every post has to be clean and polished. Not every post has to be positive. One of the best, most valuable things about the art of writing is that it is free, you are free to write. If you are sad, write about it. If you are happy, write about it. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the internet that we forget reality, but reality is important. You are allowed to be sad, you are only human. And the beauty of blogs, is that they are not perfect.

You will have ups and downs, just like life | I think, when you start to blog, you think the longer you do it, the more your stats will just rise and rise, and that is very far from the truth. I have had days where I get only a few or no followers. And I have days where I get tons of new people joining the family. Blogging is just like life, you have ups and downs. Some posts will be succesful, some won’t. Some days will be good, some won’t. You just have to deal with it, and embrace the ups and downs.

Statistics do not mean everything | I think we have this thing on the internet. That the higher your views, followers, likes, comments. The better the person. And that is one of the flawed philosophies of the internet. Just because you have less followers than somebody does not mean they are a better person than you. You cannot get so absorbed in stats that it starts to become all you think about. Yes, it is lovely if somebody follows you. Because it is nice to know that your hard work is being appreciated, but a number doesn’t represent an individual. And a number doesn’t represent you.

Before I finish this post I just want to say, that I am in no way saying that I am a ‘big blogger’ and therefore am entitled to write this post. I am in no way a big blogger, but I have had a hell of a journey is this blogging world so far. which is the reason I decided to write this post.

Thank you so much for reading.

Please like, comment and follow my blog, it really does mean the world to me.

You can read my last post here.

Love, Misstery


32 thoughts on “5 things I have learnt from blogging

  1. Very good post, and so true. After so many years…and a few blogs I’ve started myself, I finally found something that I can really write about and feel passionate about. Even though I wish it hadn’t have happened, there are positives that have come out of it. I was caught up in the most likes, comments, views as well many years ago. Now I write for my own therapy more than worrying about what others think, and if my writings help others…than I consider that a bonus.

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  2. Hey!

    I tried to find a contact you page where I could contact you with a question, but since I couldn’t find it I’m going to leave my question here. I hope you don’t mind!

    I was wondering how you’ve managed to set up your blog to have individual pages for each specific topic/sub title and then have blog posts on each page? I would love to know since I would like to do something similar to my blog.

    Your help would be much appreciated!

    Thank you. Hope you have an amazing day 😀

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    • That’s fine! I don’t mind at all. When you edit a blog post, you usually have a sidebar on the left. Where you can add tags and make categories. What you want to do is categorize each of your posts. So If I was doing a beauty haul. I would categorize it it ‘beauty’ using the tags and categories section. You can then create child categories to the main categories. But I can quite remember how to do that! I am pretty sure that when you make the category it is pretty easy to make child categories too. I really hope this wasn’t to confusing and helped you, hope you have a great day too ❤❤

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  3. These are so true!!! Its so difficult to comprehend that we were only taught that the Internet is dangerous and cunning. Glad that I didn’t believe it!

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  4. All 5 things are important things to remember; this whole blogging experience has given me so much more than I could have ever imagined and I’m so glad I get to read all your wonderful posts 🙂

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