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Blog revamp and your opinions on posts

Hi lovelies, so recently I decided to not only change my theme. But give my blog a huge revamp. As a person, I am always wanting myself to do better and better, and achieve more and more, and it is the same for blogging. I will put in as much effort as it takes, to make sure I am and you are fully happy with the way my blog looks, and the content you are receiving. I wanted my blog to look as professional as I could get it, and I am really hoping you like the new design.

I am going to be honest, I spent ages on it. I always spend ages improving my blog, because I love it. I want it to look nice, and making it look nice is actually really fun for me. But it took a hell of a long time, not that I do not spend too much time of the internet anyway ( awkward laugh ). So the changes… I now have categories which seriously please my I love organisation personality. I also have a brand new theme, which was scary to change, changing things up is always scary. I have a brand new logo/ header. And I have a slider of some of my beauty posts. Which all took lots and lots of tweaking and modifying.

And those modifications are still going on, so if anything randomly changes soon you all know what is happening! Honestly, I don’t think I will ever be 100% happy with the way everything in my life is, including my blog. Because I always feel this need to carry on, and do even better ( unless its sport) so I am always trying to make my blog new and improved.

And with that in mind I want to make sure you are al happy with the way my blog is in general. There are 280 amazing people in our little family now, and the sheer fact that one person even likes reading what I write still astounds me, let alone 280. That is insane, and all of you make me so so happy. So please know that I appreciate all of your support so so much, every single one of you. I know it’s not many compared to others, and I am not trying to brag in any way, shape or form, because I am really not that person. But I always want to makeΒ  sure I do thank you, because you all make me so happy. And I really hope I can do the same.

And I want to do the same so much, that is why I blog. To make other people feel something, to make other people see a different perspective, to make other people happy. I really hope I am doing all of that for you, You all deserve so much happiness. So I wanted to ask you about blog content. I really want to know what sort of posts you like the most. I love posting blogs, and I want you to love reading them to. I love to write about a wide variety of things, and I always will, because I don’t want to restrict the way I write. But everybody has their opinion, so I would like to hear yours. I honestly love this blogging community so much, I have met so may people here that I would consider to be some of my really good friends. Blogging has been one of my best desicions yet, and I really hope you are enjoying reading. As much as I, am enjoying writing.

Thank you so much for reading.

Please like, comment and follow my blog, it means the world to me.

Love, Misstery


14 thoughts on “Blog revamp and your opinions on posts

  1. I love the organisation of your blog, the different categories at the top and the drop down menus. Looks very sleak and steam-lined too, very modern ( if that makes sense). Well worth all the time you spent on it!

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