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The beauty within YOU

The human body is an incredible thing. We don’t really stop to admire how it functions. We take our bodies for granted. Our bodies are capable of so much, we break them, scrape them, cut them, bruise them, torture them, critize them. And yet it still works. Our bodies heal our cuts, bruises, breaks and scrapes. And we don’t even feel it happening. But the odd thing is, not matter how intricate and perfect the human body is, no matter how well it functions. As people, we always find some way to critize it. We are either to fat or too skinny. We are either to short or too tall. We are either too blonde or too brunette. We critize our bodies so much sometimes, that we forget that they are beautiful.

Everybody has something about themselves, that they dislike. Trust me, I often have days where I wallow in saddness about how I could be this and I could be that. And I so often hear my friends or people around me comparing themselves to others and highlighting every single flaw. But there is a time when critizing yourself so much, can lead to flaws being the only thing you see.

As we mature a little, we get inroduced to this idea of ‘beauty’. Beauty is a thing portrayed by media as something perfect. Something with no flaws, somebody with an ideal figure, ideal hair. The perfect lifestyle. This idea of beauty is twisted so much that the definition of beauty becomes ‘perfect appearance’ and perfect appearance is somethig we can never achieve, because as a society we are taught to critize everything we do and are, including the way we look.

And this can have so many side effects. We start to want this perfect appearance, we want this beauty so badly that we go out of our way to reach for it. While anorexia and anxiety cases are on the rise, and the sizes of girls clothing are shrinking smaller and smaller along with every teenage girl’s self- esteem. We think we are achieveing beauty.But really we are achieving a sickening version of beauty that has been twisted by our own hand- crafted society. A version of beauty that is hardly beautiful, at all.

We live in a society, in a generation. Where little girls slap on as much makeup as they can find, to hide every insecurity. Where hundreds of people starve and purge becuase their body ‘ is not good enough’. Where people cut their own beautiful wrists, and their own beautiful skin because they hate everything about themselves. Where girls stare in the mirror and call themselves ‘disgusting’.Where curvy girls cannot wear crop tops, and skinny girls are called ‘skinny bitches’.

And there are so many ‘cures’ to this. To this feeling of self- hate that has been created by the same people trying to cure it. You see, we know our ideas of beauty are flawed. So we started making songs and videos. Skinny people are called bitches, curvy people are told fat shaming doesn’t exist. People campaign about self love and body appreciatinon but still judge people opon appearance. Now you tell me, does that, sound like a beautiful society.No.

Look in the mirror, don’t sigh or cringe. Really look in the mirror, look at your body and all the things it can do. Look at your shape, skinny or curvy, beautiful. Look at your face and your eyes, they are yours, nobody else’s. Beautiful. Look at your ‘flaws’ and accept them.Beautiful. Look inside at your wonderful personality, your kind heart, and your warm soul.Beautiful. That is real. That is BEAUTY. Beauty that is within YOU.

Thank you so much for reading, please do remember that you are beautiful no matter what anybody tells you. People are horrible sometimes, but there are no boundaries to beauty, beauty is unique, and it lives within you. Even if you don’t see that right now. Just know that it is there.

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Love, Misstery



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