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Spring sparkles: Revolution vivid baked highlighter

The glowly look is an absolute must this spring. The matte makeup from winter has been put aside and replaced with highlight and foundations that give that forever wanted glow to your skin. Recently, highlighting and strobing have become new trends in the makeup world . Highlighting is a huge part of achieving a ‘glowly’ look which is so very pretty for Spring. Now, I have only just recently got into the art of highlighting. And I can tell you, the glow is addicting. Recently I picked up the revolution vivid baked highlighter in shade ‘peach lights’ for £3.00 and since it is Spring I thought that I would give you lovely people a full review on this must have spring highlight.


The packaging to this highlight is very lovely. The lettering is in rose gold ( no further explanation needed) and it is very strong and sturdy , which I definitely need for my mess of a makeup bag. The bottom of the packaging is black, and the top is clear, which makes it really easy to see the product and its colour. This highlight comes in 3 shades and I picked up the shade ‘ peach lights’ as I felt it was the shade that suited my skin tone the best. But I will most definitely be picking up the gold version of this highlight too, as it has proven to be a really lovely highlight.


On the highlight there is a swirly pattern, which is very asthetically pleasing, and makes the product look all the better. The shade ‘ peach lights’ is a fairly muted, natural, silvery highlight. With slight pink and lilac undertones, which complements the face beautifully. I really like how this highlight is not too harsh looking when being applied to the skin. The muted silvery shade makes it very easy to achieve the natural glowy look to the skin, but it is also very buildable for those who like to make a little more of a statement with their highlight. This highlight is also pretty long-lasting and the packaging contains a lot of product for the price of £ 3.00. The shade range of this highlight is also very good, there are 3 shades to the collection. All of the shades are absolutely stunning and I am pretty sure every skin tone could match to one of the shades.

The only issues I found when using this product were the fact that the lid can be hard to open, but not impossible. The highlight also does not apply well to the bridge of the nose, as it ends up looking dry and not particulary flattering. But once again, that is my skin, and everybody’s skin is unique, so it may work differently for you!

Overall I absolutely adore this product and I find it works for me, with every makeup look I do. I have found myself reaching for this product very often as a cheek highlight and a browbone highligh. The look it gives off it gorgeous and a very natural glow for the Spring time, which can be built up to look a bit more fancy if you wish.For the amazing shade range and price of £3.00 I seriously recommend this highlight to everybody. Whether you have never used highlight, or swear by it. This highlight is one of my must haves this Spring.

Thank you so much for reading, please remember that you should only ever wear makeup because YOU enjoy it and it makes YOU happy. You are all beautiful makeup or not, never let anybody tell you otherwise.

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Love, Misstery

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