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A beauty wishlist for Spring

I have always been one to list things. It gives my life this false sense of organisation. And that includes lists of things I am wishing for. Since it is spring, companies are releasing new ranges of products, and as a makeup lover, I am wanting to swatch and test them all. I have always loved trying and testing new products and new brands. And this Spring, I have seen many products that I want to get my hands on. And so many new brands and shades, that I am dying to try. So here is my beauty wish list for Spring.

nude pop

Clinique, nude Pop lipstick, £16.00 | Since testing a sample of this lipstick, I have well and truly fallen in love. The shade is a very muted nude/ pink which contains lots of fine glitter. The shade is to die for, and the packaging is effortlessly gorgeous too. Sadly, I have started to run out of my sample size ( heartbroken sobs) so I am definitely wishing to get a full size of this lip product, it is just so beautiful, and my go to natural nude.


Hourglass ambient lighting powder, $45 | As a person with oily skin, Powder can become your worst nightmare. Having to go through the ‘powdery’ or ‘chalky’ look every day is really horrible, and when you spend a lot of time on your makeup to only go into different lighting and look like you poured loose powder on your face, it gets irritating. I have heard a lot about this powder, and I mean a lot. This powder not only has beautiful packaging, but is known for giving that ideal glowy skin look, and not making your skin look powdery. Apart from the price ( eeekkk) this powder sounds like the answer to all my powder problems.

penguin chick

Tanya Burr penguin chick nail polish, £4.99 | Right now, I am loving Tanya’s beauty range. The packaging of all her products are gorgeous, and the products themselves are such good quality for their price. Now I for one, am a fan of nail polish. But I am picky with colours. But when I saw this one, I knew that soon, I had to get it. Penguin chick is a perfect grey colour with a slight pink tone to it. And for its price, I feel it will be my perfect go to nail shade.

the blushed nudes

Maybelleine blushed pallete, £7.99 | If you have been following my blog a while you will most probably know that rose gold packaging is my weakness. Not only that, eyeshadow is my most favorite bit of makeup to do. And the idea of the two mixed together, is an instant yes from me. I saw this palette a while back in boots, whilst doing a lil haul. And I have been meaning to pick it up ever since. The shades in this pallet look amazing, and the packaging, that got me.

pro long wear

MAC pro longwear concealer, £17.50 | As we all know, concealer problems have been a huge thing for me recently. I have tried many drugstore concealers, but nothing seems to be working for me. After hearing such great reviews about this concealer, I knew I should immediately add it to my wishlist. I think, when it comes down to makeup, sometimes we do have to treat ourselves and spend a little more money on a product than we usually would to get the results we desire. So maybe this Spring calls for a little treat.

Thank you so much for reading.

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Love, Misstery


32 thoughts on “A beauty wishlist for Spring

  1. I also want the Tanya Burr colour the one you picked is beautiful defiantly what I would choose and please could you check my blog out. Thank you and I am now you new follower.

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  2. I really want to try MACs concealer too because I’m so pale to the point were I am the shade ‘extra light’ and finding things to match my skin is so difficult. Hope you get the products you want.

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  3. All this make up is so pretty and totally what I would choose too. I have been dreaming of the hourglass powder for ages, although I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get my hands on it 😦

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