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Oops I did it again| drugstore haul

Who doesn’t love a classic bit of Britney Spears. And who doesn’t love spending hours in a drugstore and accidentally spending the money you promised you would save, I know for sure I do. Luckily this time I generally picked up the essentials that I needed, essentials (honestly). Next month I have a few big events and recently all my basic, must have makeup has run out. Leaving me wailing in despair about having to leave my house, and enter society to pick up what I needed. Hauls are one of my most popular posts, and one of my favorites to read and to write. I feel like hauls help people discover great new products and see which products are not so great. It’s all about honesty here.


1- revolution vivid baked highlighter, peach lights, £3.00 | Now I have heard a lot about this highlighter. whether that be from fellow bloggers or friends. This highlight has definitely been raved about. And I finally had the chance to pick it up. After swatching every single shade (don’t judge me ) out of the 3 available I chose ‘peach lights’. This shade is really lovely. It is much more subtle than the other shades. One had a lilac undertone and one was a very pigmented golden shade which I am sure would look gorgeous on a person with a warm/ yellow undertone. But I really liked the peachy one. It has a subtle silvery shimmer when swatched, with a slight pink/ peachy tint to it. Which I really love. The packaging is also very lovely and sturdy and the pattern on the actual product is all pretty and swirly. And I am really looking forward to trying out this product.


2- maybelleine age rewind concealer, light, £7.99 | I am at complete war with concealers right now. I have very bad dark under eyes, Partly because they are naturally there. And partly because I am constantly working, or being addicted to the internet. Both do not help my under eye darkness. I have tried so many drugstore concealers, and I honestly have not found one that I swear by. They are either too orange, or have a grey undertone which only highlights the fact I get no sleep. But I have heard a lot about this one, so I thought I would give it a try. I have asked so many people what concealer they use, and most people recommended me this. I really like the packaging, I think the sponge on the top is really nice for those situations where you have to apply a product quickly. I feel like the shade range is a little bad though. There are two options light or nude. I chose light. It has a slight orange/ yellow undertone. But that generally helps when wanting to cancel out the blue tones in dark undereyes. Overall I am really liking the packaging, and I am in great hope that this one, will finally work for me.


3- Bourjois rouge edition velvet liquid lipstick, don’t pink of it, matte finish, £8.99 | Last month little old ignorant me was planning a colourpop order. The excitement was building, the shades had been picked. Then bam. They don’t ship to where I want them to ship too. I was heartbroken, as you can imagine. But I moved on, to find another substitute. And I found these ones by bourjois. Originally I was planning on buying more than one, but I decided to have a trial run, because they are rather pricey for something I may not like. I got the shade ‘don’t pink of it’ which is a really lovely mild pink/ nude shade. The finish of the product is matte, and the colour dries a little darker than when you first apply it. The packaging is very fancy, and feels very luxurious. And I am very much so, looking forward to using this one in the spring and summer.


Thank you so much for reading.

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Love, Misstery


25 thoughts on “Oops I did it again| drugstore haul

  1. You have a very lovely blog! ❤️ I absolutely love that under eye concealer, it works wonders on me!!! I come from an italian background where everyone on my dad’s side has pronounced dark, dark circles under their eyes, and I picked up that trait too lol. This stuff has saved my face, it instantly gives me a healthier overall appearance.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, that really means a lot to me. I completely agree, the concealer is very very good for its price, I too have dark under eyes. It is a hard life to lead indeed ❤ thank you so much for checking out my blog!

      Liked by 1 person

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