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Spring skin

Finally the time has come, spring is here. I can practically hear flowers blooming, and birds tweeting.Yet its raining outside, typical. I feel like in the spring season, our skin is left a little sad, and dry from the cold winter months. And it needs a little more love and moisterization, to build up to that amazing summer we are all imagining ( don’t lie to me) Today’s post is not about-face moisturization, but more along the lines of body butters and lotions. So to keep your spring happy and fresh, here are my favorite products for achieving that perfect spring skin.



1- soap and glory the richteous butter, 50ml, £10.00 per 300ml | This butter has always been for me, one of those samples that I got, completely forgot about and never really used. But recently, I rediscovered it, and having being a fan of soap and glory, I tried it out. You have to apply this butter on the body when your skin is damp, so after a shower or relaxing bath. The scent is the infamous original soap and glory scent. And it is a rather heavy body butter, which I find is really great for rehydrating the skin after the wintry months. Overall I really am loving this body butter right now, the scent is glorious, and it does a really lovely job for its price.


2- the body shop vineyard peach body lotion,  250ml, £ 8.00 | I Know, the body shop, again. But I had to include this in this post. Because this is by far my go to body lotion. The packaging is very pretty with the usual body shop style, very simple, but still very lovely. I really like that it has a pump instead of a squeezy tube, or a tub with a crew top lid, as I find it makes it so much easier to apply to your body. But my most favorite thing about this lotion, is simply the scent. Every time I think of spring time, maybe going onto summertime. I always think of this lotion becuase it just smells so fantastic. It is really fruity and fresh. Which is so so perfect for spring. It is also so moisturizing, and every time you use it, you will find yourself just stroking your oh so soft legs. You can buy this lotion for £8.00 online or in a body shop store, which is such a bargain for such a great product.


3- zoella creamy madly dreamy body lotion, 160 ml, £5.00 | This is one of the products from Zoe’s first line of beauty products. And I really love it. I honestly am so proud of how far Zoe has come. For me, she is such an inspiration. The fact she built up her own brand and her own community, is incredible. And the products she has made, are all such high quality, and very cheap. The packaging for this lotion is matte, and has the usual lace decoration, which is so cute. I also really love the coral colour theme, with the gold lettering. It just works so perfectly. The gold screams elegance, and the coral screams spring/ summer. The scent is really lovely, very perfumey, but still very fresh.  The product itself is white in colour, and remains like that when rubbed into the skin. Although this colour will fade as it sinks inot your skin. Once again such a lovely product, that does just what it says it will do. And from my perspective, is a lot better than most body lotions I have tried. I am so very proud of Zoe and the things she has achieved. So I really recommend that if you haven’t already, you check out her beauty line.

Thank you all so much for reading.

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Love, Misstery

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    • Thank you so much for your nomination. At the moment I am not sure whether I will be doing award posts, but I really appreciate your nomination, it really means a lot to me. And of course I will check out the post, I love your blog 💙💙


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