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The body shop- Aloe soothing day cream

I have never really been one to think too much about moisturizers. I typically use the simple hydrating day cream for my moisturizer, and I haven’t really thought much of it, until now. Recently my mum picked up this moisturizer after getting a skin care haul of her own. After using it a few times, she asked me if I would like to try it out as she prefered heavier moisturizer for her more mature skin. So I figured I would give it a trial run, and tell all you lovely people about the results.


So I am going to start by talking about the packaging of the product. The product is in a small tub, with a screw top lid. Which I really like, as many other moisturizers are in squeezy bottles, and the packaging tends to get messy after using it for a while. I think the green colour scheme and the general packaging is really cute, and very nice to look at. As we all know, taking off your makeup can be rather a chore. And I feel like using products with nice packaging make me that little more happy when cleansing. The packaging is also very durable, which can be amazing for travelling anywhere, as you can guarantee the lid won’t snap and fall off (my simple one did) in your bag. Overall I love the packaging, it is so cute and aesthetically pleasing.


This Aloe vera day cream is made for people with sensitive skin, who want a nice soothing hydration to their skin. That is not too heavy and will not cause a break out ( those fear inducing words). For me my skin is very blotchy, so I have a lot of redness (God, bless) which I am so grateful for (my sarcasm is disgusting ) and I also tend to prefer light moisturizers that sink into my skin quickly with no fuss. This product claims to give ‘ ultra- gentle, smoothing, calming, moisturisation’. Which is exactly what I was looking for.

The cream itself is white in colour and has a very lovely but extremely mild scent. Which makes a lovely difference to most of the products out there for sensitive skin which are boringly unscented. I have been using this moisturizer the past week, which bear in mind has been one of those awful break out weeks. And my skin does feel absolutely lovely, my skin seems to have cleared a little, which I hope is the doing of this product and not my own wishful thinking. When applied the cream feels very lovely on the face, very soft and gentle. And it soaks into your skin fairly quickly, not as quickly as my previous moisturizer, but it is a lot thicker and heavier than those by simple. I feel like whenever I apply this cream to my face, I instantly feel refreshed and hydrated. And I really love it. This product costs Β£12.00 and for the amount you get, and the quality of the product I think it is a very nice moisturizer.

I would recommend this product to any of you beauty lovers who want a nice amount of moisturisation, not to thick or too light. Or to anybody with sensitive skin which is prone to breakouts. Or if you have redness like me ( * gives us all a comforting hug *) I really think this would be great for you. Remember that you are beautiful no matter what skin type, if you have regular breakouts or reddness or oily skin. That does not matter. You are BEAUTIFUL, valued, and you shine. Have a great day!

Thank you so much for reading, I really hope you enjoyed it. Also if you could do me a favor and tell me whether the images attached to this post are visible too you that would be a great help to me, as I am having issues with la camera ( I know.Again, I am being bullied by a camera, send help )

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Love, Misstery



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