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Switching up my makeup

Recently I have been having a serious think about what I want from all areas of my makeup. Whether that be foundation, or lip colour. I have been thinking about the sort of things I want from my makeup, and how I want it to make me look. So the last few weeks I have been steering more down the natural route. And only going for a full coverage foundation, and smoky eyes on the days where I want to feel extra special or I am going to an event. And trust me, glam makeup is one of my most favorite things to spend my time doing. I love spending ages on blending my eyeshadow, even if there is nobody to see it (*sighs* every time) because that is what I love to do. But I mostly wear much more natural makeup because most days, I just want a glowy natural look, which allows my skin to take a breather, and the full on glam to take a backseat for a little while. So here is my natural makeup routine for you lovely people out there, who just want natural. Please do take note that this routine is still under construction, until I get it the exact way I want it.




concealer/foundation- seventeen stay time, no7 essentially natural foundation| So to start I will asses the situation with my skin, on most days I tend to just use a concealer to cover any areas of redness or imbalance in skin tone. But if I am having a bad skin day orΒ  I am simply feeling a little more posh, I will use a little of the essentially natural foundation by no7. For this step I use the real techniques complexion sponge to blend the makeup onto my skin. When using concealer I use the brush given to applyΒ  it to problem areas of my face, then start blending. I also dampen the sponge before blending using a spray bottle, which gives your skin a much more flawless look. I then add the same concealer to my undereyes. I will also add a different, darker shade of concealer to the very bottom of my under eyes, to blend it into my skin colour. So the under eyes do not look too light, as stay time tends to have a greyish undertone.

Powder and bronzer- Rimmel stay matte powder, MAC matte bronze| Before setting my face, I like to add bronzer, to warm up the tones of the very pale concealer. I simply use a fluffy brush and apply my favourite bronzer to my cheekbones and forehead. I then apply powder onto my T zone, to set it into place with the real techniques fluffy powder brush. I make sure I put on very little as an overpowdered face is a huge pet peeve of mine.I also appologise for not getting pictures of these, but anybody who also uses the rimmel powder will know that the packaging often brakes and fades, which is not a pretty sight to picture!



blush- soap and glory love at first blush| Blush tends to be something I do not use particularly often, but if I do, for a natural look I will always be reaching for this one. It gives this lovely shimmery pink colour, but it is very muted and not over the top at all. It is the perfect natural blush! to apply this I will just use the same fluffy brush that I used for bronzer, and stroke a little very lightly onto the apples of my cheeks.


mascara- maybelleine lash sensational| Yes onto the lashes, my absoloute favorite part of any makeup look. For my lashes I simply use the lash sensational mascara. And then after applying this I take an old dry mascara wand and comb it through my lashes. Which really helps to separate them and make them appear all fluttery, no clumps ( every makeup lover’s dream)


lips- vaseline lip therapy, rosy lips| And to finish off I simply apply a little vaseline to my lips for extra moisterisation, andΒ  lovely pink tint that truly looks gorgeous with any makeup look. Vaseline is one of my favorite lip balms as I feel like it really does a great job of keeping your lips hydrated throughout the day.

Thank you so much for reading, I really hope you enjoyed it!

Please do note that I do not use every single product listed every single day, it really does depend on how I am feeling.

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Love, Misstery




18 thoughts on “Switching up my makeup

  1. I just bought the Seventeen Stay time concealer due to reading about it on your blog. Seventeen products are not what I would normally buy, but I found that this concealer really worked well to cover up bags under my eyes. I put on my Rimmel liquid foundation, then used this concealer, then Rimmel Stay Matte powder on top. Really good value for money and i will continue to use.

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    • Yay I am so glad that you like it, not only that but got it with my recommendation. If you have any problems with it, do tell me. So glad you like it. I agree I Have just recently been getting into 17, they are so good and affordable πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  2. No7 is a very nice brand and there products are very good.I have used there toner which was on offer so i ended up buying two toners they were so good excellent product.

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