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A camera crisis and Internet corruption

Hi fellow Internet lovers. The last few days have been very hard and stressful for me, but obviously, even though I have other priorities ( which I now have a PHD in ignoring) I am still going to post for you guys. Recently I have wanted to make blogging, for me, a more professional thing. Becuase it is something I am serious about, and it is something that I want to do in the future,because this space makes me happy. And with that in mind, I got a camera. And now, I can take much better pictures than I could before. Before the blurry out of focus images made me so irritated. I am one of those people that like to make everything look neat and matching, so I really hope they are looking even a little bit better for you guys. Even though I am the worlds most awful photographer.

But, as soon as I got this camera, as soon as I noticed I had not dropped it, scratched it, or destroyed this cameras very exsistance in some way. I knew something would go wrong. And it did. A camera crisis. You see, everytime I try to upload images to my media file for a new post, the same message will pop up, it comes in this awful red colour and I see it flash up on my screen in the corner of my eye. Your image has failed to upload. It takes me years ( i’m not even joking right now, this is serious) to upload 3 pictures, and that is a lucky day. I am at constant battle with photo uploading. I hope it is not just me that has this. Please, say its not just me.

Still on the topic of professionalism though, I have noticed recently. That over time, the Internet has evolved. The Interet has eveolved to the extent that YouTube is now a professional Job, and bloggers earn money. But I feel like becuase the Internet now has so much power, that power can be abused, and the result is too much of a professional, clean and unrealistic version of the Internet.

And I am not saying it is every Internet star, because there are many web stars that are so honest and humble, and their insight into reality adds a beam of light to the Internet world. What I am saying is there is a lot we as viewers do not see. We do not see that a certain YouTuber may be saying they like a brand when they don’t, we do not see that person when they are sad, we do not see that. Because that is reality, and too many times, people on this Internet world shy away from this reality, and the Internet becomes too professional.

And I feel like in many ways, that is what YouTube right now is lacking, original content. Just that person, being themself, just that person, chatting and engaging with thier fans. It creates a community, which is one of the greatest things about the Internet, this sense of community. And I would be so heartbroken, if eventually every web start turned into a online persona who runs by society’s rulebook. I would be so sad if I did not see any versatile content anymore.

And I am in no way saying that sponsered videos are bad, becuase they are defintely not. Sponsered videos are the reason the people I love and look up too are able to do what they do, sponsered videos are the source of what keeps said person’s carrer alive. I just feel like there are far too many people who get addicted to this way you can cover reality on the Internet, they will lie for sponserships, and that annoys me. Because the Internet is such a wonderful place, that has so may opportunities too develop further, and become even greater. But it is those few people who abuse their power, that ruin those opportunites for everybody who could have made such a difference.

But please do not think of the Internet as a bad place, it really is not. It is corrupt, but so is everything. The internet is positive in so many ways, it can help so many people to find themselves. It gives people this space where they can be completely themsleves, they can be honest without being judged. I have seen so many people open up about personal issues on the Internet. And seen the huge positive backlash too those comments, and I see the same thing on here, people giving up, but we all use our strengh to pull them back together. And it is such a beautiful thing.

The other day I clicked on a video, that I knew had gone viral, it was filmed by a certain YouTuber who had become ‘internet famous’ off of Instagram. She talked about how all her life she had tried to make herself seem perfect to her audience. She talked about how she let numbers define her, because she thought those numbers were the only thing in this world that could make her feel beautiful. She said that she had become so consumed with this Internet world, that it caused her to forget reality. And in many ways I agreed, many people with power use the Internet for no good. But I think what it comes down too is finding that perfect balance as somebody who creates content for the Internet. You have to find that perfect balance of Internet and reality. Becuase when the two are put together, they can do such truly wonderful things.

Thank you so much for reading, I really hope you enjoyed it.

Please feel free to like, comment and follow my blog, it is greatly appreciated.

Love, Misstery


24 thoughts on “A camera crisis and Internet corruption

  1. Hi misstery
    Nice to meet you πŸ™‚ Thanks for liking my comment which brought me to your blog. First of all, I think internet is also a part of our society and it has its own limits. I’m not saying yes to professionalism. I do would prefer original content. However, there is both good and bad. As you have said, it’s important to strike a balance πŸ™‚

    Have a great day!
    Arcane owl

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    • Thank you so much. I think internet stars who have lots of influence do have to be professional, because they have such a huge impact on their audience. But they should also be real and not just project this idea of a perfect life. Thank you for checking out my blog!:)

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  2. This is why I love original content. I’m kinda scared of them running out of ideas though, it’s kinda harder to get creative as the years go on. But youtube has evolved, and there are a lot of youtubers that I love because they are honest, and creative, but mostly honest and kind. The internet judges them and it’s sad when I look at youtube comments, but it’s okay because sometimes I see wonderful comments as well- the internet is awesome but messed up like everything else lol ^^ I just don’t want them to be… broken by rude comments or the internet or anything so that they won’t share things anymore. As they have more views, they don’t get as personal and have to think more about what they post, which is really sad 😦 I see amazing communities, but some bad ones as well πŸ˜› Mostly amazing!!! πŸ™‚ Which is what I love.

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  3. Ohhh y’know you’re so so right! πŸ™‚ As you always are, with these things. People have to find a balance between showing the real them, and making things “perfect” – when perfect is subjective. We don’t really know youtubers – we only know what they show us.

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