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Monthly makeup obsessions: February

*collects products and lights candle* Hi lovelies. Today’s post is both chatty and beauty centered. As we all know February has now been and gone. I feel like in my mind, I completely skipped January and just about crawled through February. But throughout this month I have made quite a few drugstore shopping trips. And I am now, officially bankrupt. I did, however gain many new favorite products from these hauls, so I like to believe it counteracts the terrible guilt that I, once again spent all my money in 0ne go. So here are my monthly makeup obsessions for February.


  1. Natural collection eyeshadow, Asteroid, £1.99

So in my most recent haul which you can find here… I talked about a little product I had picked up from the natural collection stand. Honestly, I have really come to love this brand. Some of their products that I have tried have really surprised me, this being one of them. Asteroid is the most gorgeous colour. And when applied, it goes on so smoothly, and is very pigmented. There is practically no fallout to this product. And for £1.99 it is such an amazing eyeshadow. The packaging for the brand is also really cute, it is very simpilistic, but still very lovely. I highly recommend checking out their eyeshadows.



2. No7 essentially natural foundation, coverage light/ medium, all skin types, £9.95

I purchased this foundation around a month ago now, after getting my skin matched at the No7 counter, where the staff were very lovely and kind. Before my skin got mathced, the lady helping me asked what I wanted from a foundation. Originally she had suggested ‘stay perfect’ but I decided to get this one, as I wated a more natural/ light coverage. I do feel like the shade I got was a little to dark, but I think if I had gone any lighter, it would be too light. As for the foundation, I really have enjoyed using it. I have found that it applies very nicely with both a brush and a sponge. And it covers any imperfections with a light coverage, that looks very fresh and natural. It aslo contains SPF which is so very important when choosing foundation. I would defintely recommend this for anybody who is looking for a great natural looking foundation.


3. Seventeen stay time concealer, 18hours, £4.49

Now this was another product that was featured in my February drugstore haul. But, after trying it. I felt like I should defintely be including it in my monthly makeup obsessions. The first thing I love about this concealer is its packaging. I really love how ellegant it looks. The writing also does not fade. And I know that may sound odd, but concealers like collection lasting perfection, tend to have lettering on the packaging that fades ( Misstery, facing the country’s real issues). The coverage is also really lovely. It covers dark circles very well, as the undertones are light, which counteracts any darkness. And the range of shades is very wide. I do feel like the paler shades have a slight grey undertone, which can become a issue, but I feel like you do jsut have to choose the right shade when it comes down to this concealer.I have also found that this concealer will dry very quickly, and stay dry. I feel like most concealers tend to stay liquidy on your face. But not this one. It honestly does last ages on the skin, and is an absolute bargain for its price.


I really hope you enjoyed todays post, Thank you so much for reading.

You can find my drugstore haul post here…

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Love, Misstery


18 thoughts on “Monthly makeup obsessions: February

  1. I love the Natural Collection, and like you, this collection really surprised me. Its good value for money. I love the colour of eyeshadow and the price is really good. I often buy Rimmel, which can be more than twice the price for items compared to Natural collection. Thanks for your honest opinion on the products. I found your blog post well written and felt that you are writing how you would actually speak to me.

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  2. I find the concealer dries really quick like I love but I might put it on my under eye then go get a brush and it’s already oxidised but overall I agree with you it’s lovely but slightly grey…..pale skin problems

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