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February Drugstore haul

Hi my lovely followers! I have wanted to do this post for a while. But we all know I am the world’s number one procrastinator, and I only got a chance to pop into town yesterday, because I have been oh so busy ignoring my priorities recently. But yesterday I spent a day in town, and finally had a good old drugstore haul. There is nothing I like better than spending a huge amount of time in boots or superdrug. Whether it consists of spending all my money and freaking out over new products, or just browsing to see what I will buy next time, I adore drugstore hauls.


  1. Aussie miracle dry shampoo, aussome volume, for fine limp hair, 180ml,£3.13

To start my trip to town, I headed to boots. And the first thing I picked up was this Aussie dry shampoo. Oddly, my head seems to be allergic to any dry shampoo, even the likes of baptiste and other companies. I also have very limp hair, it has no volume whatsoever. So when I saw this product was on offer, I instantly snapped it up. I have noticed that the spray has a really lovely but not overpowering scent. And I am pretty sure I will not be allergic to this one. Because, lets be honest. Dry shampoo is a serious must have. Bring on the voluminous hair.


2. Seventeen stay time concealer, extra fair, 18 hrs, £ 4.49

If there is one good makeup product I need in life, it would be concealer, second to mascara. And after hearing so many good things about this concealer. I though I would pick one up to try myself. I was also very very pleased that they did a shade called ‘ extra fair’ as i am pale (*sobs*) and I love my under eyes to look very light and brighter than the lower points of my face. You also get alot of the concealer for the price, and it smells so good too. Winner.


3. Natural collection moisture shine lipstcik, berry blush, £ 1.99

So recently I have been on the prowl for a moisturising light, natural lipstick, that is actually moisturising, and does not just say it on the packaging. Because swirly letters and rose gold packaging can be decieveing. When I saw these lipsticks at the natural collection counter, I swatched loads of colours on my hand. Until I found this lovely shade called ‘berry blush’ it is this really lovely, shimmery, natural berry colour. Not only is it moisturising, the colour is very buildable.




  4. Natural collection eyeshadow, asteroid, £1.99

The other makeup item I noticed at the natural collection counter was their eyeshadows. Eyeshadow, personally, is my favorite bit of makeup to do. And when I saw how cheap these shadows were, and how nice the formula was. I swatched them all. And then I came across this lovely colour. It is honestly so so gorgeous. It is really pigmented, and glittery. It is just all things perfect. Seriously, the next time you are in boots, pick this up and swatch it on your hand, you will not regret it.




    5. Real techniques miracle complexion sponge, £5.99

Who has not heard of this sponge? absolutely nobody. Now this is very very popular, and I know so many people that have recommended it to me so many times. But I have only just got round to purchasing one. This item was the only thing I actually knew I wanted from superdrug. And I think they might be a little cheaper in there, so you know ( i am too poor to not consider these things). I really like the shape and the way this sponge looks, so I am excited to start using it.


6. Miss sporty studio lash, the miaoww eyeliner, £2.99

I am awful at eyeliner. I just cannot do it. So when I had a little spare money left, I figured I should get the cheapest eyeliner I could find, to practise with. And so I got this one. First impressions wise, I loved how pionty the pen was, and the colour was very pigmented, and a very black balck ( this is good). But When I got home I did find that it was extremely smudgy. Like when something would brush the swatch on my hand, it would smuge everywhere, after a long time spent drying. But I do like the pen, and it is good to practise with.




       7. Collection eyes uncovered, nude grey pallete, £3.99

So the last thing I picked up was this collection eyes uncovered eyeshadow pallete. Once again, it is a pallete I have heard great things about. It is very affordable. And I really liked the look of the shade called ‘ drift wood’. I also felt like the grey tones to the palette were really pretty. Most of the eyeshadows I have are more brown, bronxy colours. So I feel like some silvery greys are the perfect way for me too start switching up my eyeshadow a little.



Thank you so much for reading, I am sorry it is a late post.I have been battling with my new camera all day, photography just seems to have a thing against me.

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Love, Misstery



21 thoughts on “February Drugstore haul

  1. Haha, I think I must be the only one who has not heard of a miracle complexion sponge! What is it? What does it do? I’m not very good a using eyeliner, but I thought using an eye pencil was easier to start off with first. I use Yve Saint Laurent, which is really easy to put on and stays on for hours. I have used Rimmel Scandal eye liner, but thought that it become faint and ran out really quickly.

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    • Honestly I didn’t really hear about the hype with the sponge until recently. It is basically a makeup sponge that applies liquid foundations .etc. With more of a flawless finish and higher coverage. I am also not very good at eyeliner, but I will definitely check out what you use 🙂

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